The Hill Dogs / Press

““My mind goes to things like Wilco, the most honorable Dr. Dog, and Spoon during the verses (he said BEFORE reading their influences blurb), but then comes these gorgeous shared choruses, when the whole band opens their mouths and it goes somewhere less indie/garage rocky and opens up into something epic; The Eagles were a dirty mental flash. But not that. The subtle art of when to harmony and when not to is lost on many, but not these folk. And then just when it’s a safe little rock shuffle thing, that fiddle opens up and starts crying. Fuckin A.””

" Of the lesser-known acts, I am thinking that The Hill Dogs are going to be a pleasant surprise for the folks that are unfamiliar. They are incredibly good and also very young so I am eager to see where they end up." Founder Katie Vinson in an interview discussing Wildwood Music Fest & Campout in Willamina, OR

"Hill Dogs mark anniversary with Coffee Cottage show...The lyrics are original and the instrumentation strong, but what perhaps stands out most in the young band's performance is their musical passion."