The Hillary Watts Riot / Press

“With a pinup doll look and sunglasses-at-night image, the pedal-heavy band kicks in your teeth with plenty of reverb and a chaotic sound. With glimpses of punk reflecting off the glitters of glam, the band’s sound bounces all over the place. 1990s sound bites bleed through the 1980s influences. Mixed with their witty banter, this band is entertainment at its best.”

“The songs are most certainly driven by the siren wailing of Hillary Watts. Though purposefully goofy sometimes, her performance is bold, brazen, and oozes with sensuality, at times bordering on humor porn... The band does its part to perfection, keeping the groove alive and spunky for Watts to perform upon.”

“'Tube Top,' The Hillary Watts Riot: The first single off the band’s debut EP, 'A/S/L,' boasts perhaps the funkiest bass line in Kansas City. 'Tube Top' is a groovy, loungey song that moves into a Blondie-esque break, maintaining an unconventional but superior sense of musicianship throughout.”

“(from the podcast) We’ve all heard of musical sub-genres like garage pop and dance pop and things like that. Well now, now you can add Freak Pop to the list thanks to The Hillary Watts Riot, a new addition to the KC music landscape. Freak Pop is pretty much an accurate description of their sound, as is “eclectic” and “alternative” and “what the hell is that?”, but they really have to be experienced live in person to get the full package…”