The High Fidelics / Press

“The High Fidelics is filled with great music, to be sure. However, what really makes this album exceptional are the four extremely gifted musicians who are responsible for its inception and its content. They have a deep understanding of music and structure. Their compositions and arrangements are, at times, unique, but always architecturally fulfilling. The High Fidelics employ their instruments in ways that are attention grabbing. Interesting juxtapositions, harmonies and the use of the organ as a main instrument, as opposed to an occasional accent, makes their music captivating and uncommon. These men are consummate musicians. That's what makes their music tick. For me, The High Fidelics is as much of an educational experience as it is a musical experience. If I was teaching a music class, I would have my students study The High Fidelics. Not only is it contemporary, it's filled with exemplary musical execution, composition and arranging.”

“From the get-go, the Fidelics’ music tosses you into the realm of surf-punk-dom, and displays the serious musicianship of the band. At every instrument, the playing is accomplished and infectiously juicy...It’s as if your Del-Tones record somehow mated with Smash-Mouth (or maybe very early B-52s) and gave birth to this beautiful freak. It’s fabulous. Triumphant, really.”