“If you like your hip hop dark and dense, with thumping beats and lyrics that you can not only sing along with, but that can give you something to think about, I’d suggest you get with these guys.”

“Hidden Fortress are themselves a bit of a qualified recommendation from me, and All That Is even more so. If you like the unrelenting energy of horrorcore but can't abide the laughable imagery or enjoy the verbose linguistics of nerdcore but crave a more holistic, almost spiritual slant, then this is not one to be missed.”

“IndieRockMag Best Albums of 2010 - Hidden Fortress "All That Is" and "Third Eye Cyclops" list at #78 and #14 ”

"pretty dope sound, check'em out"

"Hidden Fortress have created an album both exciting and reassuring...sure to tickle the ears of those who swear by Anticon and Def Jux...put on the headphones and turn up the volume for this welcome although unexpected revival"

“Their sound will probably appeal more to hard rock fans than traditional hip hop listeners, but they sport a unique, fairly focused style that is equally suitable for pump-up jams and eerie conceptual rap.”

“nofutureface's raps that, like any good horror, stand in for the everyday ills that plague the real world, using the genre as a metaphor to comment on everything from politics and society to the state of hip-hop and MC braggadocio”

Exclaim! Magazine

“Hidden Fortress grab ahold pretty tight...perhaps not for everyone, but if you like your hip hop to have a dark, electro bent, this might be for you ”

"White Violence" Review - Hero Hill

“DJ UsdNeedls fashions his Frankenstein monster-like productions by digging up slamming but simple drum breaks, bass-heavy synth and unusual sounds that give the music a dark and spacey vibe.”

Exclaim! Magazine

“Hidden Fortress may just be 2 guys from Vancouver but there’s something to their sound: having toured Japan with DJ Krush and soon to release their first full-length album, they are surely a force to be reckoned with in Canada’s underground hip-hop scene.”

Abort Magazine

“UsdNeedls lays down a backdrop of pounding drums, creepy music, Halloween sound effects samples and subtle cuts for nofutureface's horrorcore raps”

"White Violence" Review - Exclaim! Magazine