the helvetica effect / Press

“The sound produced is an incredible compilation of all the little details you've come to know from memorable rock acts such as Chevelle and Finger Eleven, as well as the beautiful creativity that a diverse group of brilliant musicians can produce, when given the chance.”

“A hard rock trio with a catalog of powerfully raw original songs...The Helvetica Effect’s core is based on emotional honesty.”

“This emotional storm is unleashed; and you walk away knowing that you just witnessed something pure, real, and special.”

"The way everyone's been responding to what we've been playing live and what we've been coming out of the studio with has been such an enormous response, especially last (Tuesday) night," vocalist, guitarist and pianist Rob Perez said. "It was insane. It was pandemonium. Everyone was really feeling what we were putting out there."

“The Helvetica Effect know the importance of honing their craft and writing the best original music they possibly can.”