"That's it ... the band @HellsBelles_UK is one of the best I've ever heard."

"HellsBelles is a band now firmly in a genre of its own, and it has to be heard to be believed..'

"The brilliant HellsBelles there, with 'Scars'. Those guys are really going to go far..."

“Just been listening to @HellsBelles_UK and downloaded Gone but not Forgotten - haunting music from a local Manchester band”

"Gone But Not Forgotten" - Totally awesome!

"...a bit of a gem, rocking you hard..."

"Scars. Anthem for those that have been there with you in that. I sit here stunned at the magnificence of it all. Superb."

"Paul Quigley...is just perfect already thank you, blessed as he is with Jon Bon Jovi's moves and looks and Vince Neil's vocal chords (etc...)"

"Awesome band with a great sound! Theyre sure to go far"

"Their music is absolutely incredible"

"A mass revolution in your living room? Yes darlings, and more..."

"These guys have a wickedly cool sound and raw rock power that I love listening to..."

"...performed to perfection."

"This is an amazing band"

"I played this song last week on our New Blood Indie Artist Show and it gets five stars from me! It’s in rotation on our station as are HellsBelles!"

“Everyone at RadioMeltdown loves Paul and HellsBelles!!”

"Utterly Stunning. I need to find my socks because they have been knocked off!"

"HellsBelles are one of the best British metal bands..."

"The band just can't go wrong..."

"I'm telling you. He has it."

"They just have something different about them and HellsBelles stood out the more I looked at them..."

"Brilliant vocals..."

"That was awesome." - Paul Quigley - Live on the Marc Berman Show, March 9th 2013

"A great voice..."

"Killer band!"

"Paul Quigley is a great songwriter, has a great band...Their music is absolutely incredible. This is an amazing band. I swear I mean that.."

"This band deserves all the respect that they get..."

“HellsBelles is a band now firmly in a genre of its own - and it HAS to be heard to be believed. Let's hear it. Let's believe.”

"I'd like to see him here at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. " (on Paul Quigley from HellsBelles - 'Live & Unplugged')

“HellsBelles: "It makes the hair stand up!"”

"Paul Quigley is becoming a bit of star"

"...the REAL Hell's Belles will always be the rogue metal machine of Paul Quigley"

"You know when sometimes you keep coming across something and it gets to you..."

"a sure sign of quality"

"Just so fucking good it boggles the mind"

"I like HellsBelles - and it's not just me, oh no, Derek Oliver thinks they're pretty cool..."

"A little dose of majesty 'par excellence' making Onslaught look like Marillion in the energy stakes..."

"Quigley commands the stage with a cocky, self-assured swagger all too rare amongst British performers..."