The Heights Band / Press

“Searing guitar, vibing bass lines, and powerful drum rhythms all held together by dark, bluesy vocals that penetrated past the ears and resonates in the soul. The Heights Band seemed to connect to the audience in a way that none of the other performers of the night could. They left everything on the stage, walking away like they had just been in a gang-brawl with the music itself. After the set I was left wanting more, craving it. I hadn’t experienced such pure rock-n-roll in a long time.”

“On this seven-song EP, The Heights Band nail classic-sounding, grunge-soaked, guitar-based garage rock. Singer and guitarist Dustin Dockery's raspy voice summons Eddie Vedder and Jack White, while the rest of the Akron band's thick, melodic power riffs reach stoner-dimension atmospherics. We Own the Sun's one pop-leaning cut, "Waiting," features a rolling bass line straight out of Motown...the Black Sabbath-like "When God Finds Out" balances a psychedelic slow section with frenetically paced choruses fueled by Ryan Dockery's guitar and antsy drumming by Richie Levers. Such great Heights indeed.”

“Though their beards, long hair, and flannel shirts suggest "hippie jam band," the group's sound is revelatory blues-psych, reminiscent of Blue Cheer, but with an even more chaotic undercurrent that threatens to fly apart at any moment. ”

Chris Parker - Cleveland Scene Magazine

“The Heights Band opened their show with a song called "Dirty Woman.” And from the screaming opening notes on the electric guitar it was clear that this show was going to rock...The Heights Band is, without a doubt, one of the most talented rock groups out there today and they are only going to keep getting better."”

Julia Kazar - Buzzbin Magazine

“The debut album "We Are The Heights Band" from Akron-based bad asses The Heights Band comes in like a lion and never really turns into a lamb save for the softly strummed intro on the exit track "Like Colors". The band cites influences such as Led Zeppelin and Grand Funk Railroad, but I get a different feeling from the passionate guitar playing and even more frenzied vocals. I am reminded certainly of 70s down home rock, but the vocals recall the power of, dare I say, Eddie Vedder in his Vitalogy days, nearly popping a blood vessel with his outpourings. It's like your classic southern rock, only amplified and with more guts. There is something truly raw about the way these guys deliver”

Crystal Berns - Buzzbin Magazine