The Heartwicks / Press

“Sonically it shows up in the massive sound, that draws its influence from classic rock leanings as well as the new wave of blues rock acts such as the White Stripes and Black Keys...”

"If The White Stripes joined The Clash and David Bowie dove into the mix, you'd have The Heartwicks"

Stephanie DeGraw - The Music Scene TV

"Jason Hofer is the dynamic front-man with an original voice that lingers in your mind. His roaring riffs pull you out of the chair"

Power Media Entertainment - The Music Scene TV

"I believe their material is of a high standard ... in particular, I enjoyed listening to their single The Merchant"

Robert Saunders - Deuce

"The tight keyboards and spot-on drummer amplify the retro cool vibe"

Stephanie DeGraw - The Music Scene TV