The Hawthorne Effect / Press

“It is supremely unfair that while I am listening and reviewing Awakefulsleep, the debut release from Chicago band The Hawthorne Effect, (John Jauch, Scott Fritz, Joe Babiak and Will Sprawls) my sore throat is preventing me from singing along to Viva, "Girl I hate to leave you but I gotta go, Goodbye Blackwell Texas hello Mexico, Drivin’ 85 all night but it’s still too slow…” Viva is every rock song…well - ever…all mashed together into the ultimate ‘on the road’ anthem. It could have been gimmicky, but the pounding drums and the cool guitar echo effect raise it to epic levels of awesome. Yes, there are some slower tracks on Awakefulsleep but my favorites are definitely Viva and the other rock numbers Devil Don’t Care and Drunk Mistake.”

“PPLA had the chance to chat with rising Chicago-based band Hawthorne Effect. We spoke with their front man and songwriter John Jauch about their latest album and up-coming show at Red Line, August 17th. Becky Lawrence Jauch is a bit of a character, in a good way. Originally from McHenry, Illinois, he has bounced around Chicago and its suburbs since college, getting a Masters Degree in Psychology from Roosevelt University and currently resides in Bucktown. Jauch credits his higher education for not only fueling his “obsession with every detail” but also for naming the band. The “Hawthorne Effect” is actually a principle of group behavior, named after a series of psychological experiments conducted at the Hawthorne Works electrical plant in Cicero, Illinois during the 1920's and 1930's. Jauch simplified the principle for me, stating that it “…examines how knowing we are being observed affects behavior…how it creates a sense of teamwork and common purpose.” Jauch picke”

“The band are John Jauch (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar); Scott Fritz (Lead Guitar/Vocals); Will Sprawls (Bass/Keys/Vocals) and Joe Babiak (Drums). The album is a roller coaster of emotion and reflects the differing sides of the human experience not only through lyrics, but also in sound. Addiction, oppression, and mortality are just a few of the topics touched upon in this ten song soundtrack of lives that is unclassifiable as a whole, yet somehow hauntingly familiar. The lyrics have rich layers of meaning wrapped in memorable melodies. Soulful classic rock songs. This is a good start for this band and it will be interesting to see how they develop.”

“There’s certainly a heady lyrical bent behind The Hawthorne Effect’s full-length debut Awakefulsleep, which addresses everything from oppression to addiction and mortality under an umbrella of power pop, punk, and hard rock. Fans of The White Stripes, Butch Walker and T. Rex are sure to relate, alongside anyone seeking out intensely introspective lyrics, which come courtesy of frontman John Jauch (Smoke Off Vinyl, Killing The Enemy). (reverbnation.com/thehawthorneeffect)”

"The music that fills out The Hawthorne Effect's full-length debut Awakefulsleep is, at its core, an engaging collection of indie-singer/songwriter fare that showcases frontman John Jauch's moving lyrics, soulful voice and strong sense of songcraft. But what sets Jauch and his Chicago-based band apart from this well-traversed genre more than anything else is not only the power and dynamics that these musicians bring to forefront, but also the many subtle sonic shadings that give these numbers even more depth. A sublime echoing guitar-line adds a ghostly air to the introspective title track, while the band fans the flames on the pounding rockers "Drunk Mistake" and "Viva," before transforming the yearning acoustic balladry of "Goodbye" into a gripping exercise of early '90s alt-rock dynamics by song's end. A very promising debut from a very promising new band."