The Haunted Windchimes / Press

"These are songs of sweet shinings and those things that we aspire to when we see the light. The Haunted Windchimes are a scarily good group.”

Sean Moller - Paste Magazine / Daytrotter

“Popular among the grey hairs, green hairs, purple hairs and all over.”

“They recreate the vibe of rural 1930s music with a contemporary consciousness. The rustic, honeyed harmonies are a delight.”

“The group’s best material takes those old-timey elements and tempers them with with a hint of pop to produce something special.”

“The band perfected an old-timey hoedown sound, executed with passion and precision”

“Their name sort of says it all, but in case you haven't heard, they're the best singers around.”

“With gorgeous harmonies, striking originals and an encyclopedic knowledge of music older than the three of them combined, Haunted Windchimes are Pueblo's finest export.”

“The Haunted Windchimes paint an evocative and compelling musical picture with familiar hues of folk, blues and Americana.”