The Hasslers / Press

“The opening track to the eponymous record from The Hasslers—a peppy little number called "It's Terminal"is a perfect introduction to the rest of the record. It's got a nice hillstomping kick that will surely invite folks to the dance floor, and just enough of an Americana vibe to distract you into thinking that's what this band is all about. ... "Necromancer's Waltz" is a song that, with the lead vocal styling and its swinging rhythm and breakdowns, would have been right at home on that track Rob Thomas did with Carlos Santana a few years ago. It's probably my favorite song on the record.”

“When you first hear The Hasslers, a Missoula quintet, you might have a hard time putting a finger on what type of music, exactly, you're hearing. Is it Americana folk rock? Sure, sort of. But those clever lyrics—they've got an indie flair to them, and there's a little bit of old-timey stomp band, some small-town garage band, a taste of the blues.”