the Hardcount / Press

“Next up was The Hardcount, a trio of mentally deranged individuals with bad intentions.”

“Gravelly-voiced singer Reverend Adumb Green has a bit of that Dicky Barrett rasp, and the band has a bit of that Bosstones' sing-along thing, but ska isn't one of the styles you'll find on the band's eight-song debut. The Hardcount are a little bit hard rock, a little bit punk rock and a little bit twangy, which mostly makes them sound a little bit like The Supersuckers, which isn't a bad thing, especially if it's Saturday night and you feel like drinking. ”

“The Seattle band The Hardcount played a show at Tony V's Garage in Everett on March 11th 2011. We shot the whole show, this is just a taste of one of the areas local bands on the rise. We will have a full feature on The Hardcount, including interviews in a upcoming edition of Blackhole Music Magazine NW. This band kind of caught us by surprise while we were in Tacoma covering another band we love Big Wheel Stunt Show. After that night we knew we wanted to give them their own feature in the Magazine. The Reverend Adumb Green (vocals), Disco Donnie (bass), Zen Master V (guitar), and Troy (drums), make up The Hardcount. Check them out via the links we posted and their Facebook page and look for their feature coming soon. These guys are one of those bands you hear then have the songs stuck in your head for the next few days, really good, and we over here at Blackhole have become big fans. ”

“Big Wheel Stunt Show Last Saturday night we traveled down to Tacoma to attend and shoot a CD release show for the band Big Wheel Stunt Show. The first of three bands to play was, The Brotherhood of the Black Squirrel. They warmed the crowd up with their straight ahead rock n roll. Live they sounded great, played tight, and started the show to a crowd hungry to get it's ass kicked. Next up was a band that rocked it a little harder, named The Hardcount. I was unfamiliar with them before the show, but no longer. Their sound reminded me of Social Distortion, Motor Head, and although I hadn't planned on shooting their set..as soon as they started playing, my camera starting shooting.The Hardcount tore it up for about thirty minutes, finishing their set with a blistering cover of Motor Head's "Ace of Spades"....these guys are good, if you don't know the name yet-you will. By the time The Hardcount finished their set, the house was packed, the sold out sign was posted on the front door,”