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“ “When our music supervisor played me tracks off The Happy Endings self-titled album including “One More Time” and “Mr Minimum Wage” I just had to get their music involved in the show. I’m very much looking forward to the new album and have since become a regular at their live shows. So much energy. I love it!” - Rob Stagg, Channel GO! Ballistyx Snowboard Show - Director”

Rob Stagg - Channel GO! Ballistyx Snowboard Show - Director

“ "One More Time starts off with a gnarled riffing urgency, with angles thatcould be measured on the same protractor of early Bloc Party, but then takes off to land in a more melodic place, with driving verses and a chant-ready chorus that would go huge live." -Andy Ryan. Kluster Magazine/YourGigs.com.au”

Andy Ryan. - Kluster Magazine/YourGigs.com.au

““Rehab bops along at a driving pace with some pots-and pans type percussion and a distinctively pop-punk-rock-American-style flavour. It's also nothing like Wino -it's heaps better.” -Amelia Schmidt BEAT Magazine”

Amelia Schmidt - BEAT Magazine

““Rehab channels the good time nous of The Happy Endings into a pop pill so catchy you may need to send your mind to rehab to get off it. Move over Amy Winehouse, there's a new Rehab ready to get stuck in people's heads and keep them whistling through summer with a Happy addiction. Top job from a band on the rise.” -Aarom Wilson, Editor -Drum Media Perth”

Aarom Wilson - Drum Media Perth

““It’s no surprise that The Happy Endings’ upcoming second album is harder-hitting and lyrically more world-wise than their self-titled debut.” -Christie Elizier, BEAT Magazine”