The Hamburglars / Press

"A better follow-up to their excellent début from a couple of years ago. More diverse and just as fun as their first outing ... Every music collection needs to have some fun in it and this definitely fulfills that need"

“This new Hamburglars record is great Punk Rock&Roll evoking Black Flag, the Circle Jerks & other early Los Angeles Punk with that true feeling of bleached out, dusty despair in the California Sun. BUT THEN, on top of that, the band is made up entirely of actual Hamburglars & the lyrics are about 90% made up of the words "Robble Robble". There's gotta be something in the water in Chicago because there's a lotta weird shit squeezin' out of the Windy City's butthole. Make sure to check out the video for DAMNBURGLAR which is a great example of how the Hamburglar outfit just causes crime as soon as it's worn & The Hamburglars have a running riot, stealing burgers & robbling all night long.”

"When I first heard you on the radio I thought it was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard and I hated it. Seeing you live now, I still think it's the stupidest thing I've ever heard but I love it!"

Record shopper @ The WFMU Record Fair show - Straight from the crowd's mouth

"If you strip the Hamburglars of their hilarious gimmick, you still have a damn good garage rock band that is easily up to par with any current band of their ilk. Add back in the Hamburglar gimmick though and you have one of the most clever singles to ever come out of that genre since The Mummies. "

“The Hamburglars ... Robble Robble EP. 7". (2010) Terre's 6th Best Fave single of 2010!”

“Four guys who dress up as the Hamburglar™ and sing songs about cheeseburgers that occasionally sound somewhat like “The Shadow Knows” by Link Wray. No, you’re right, i didn’t think of it first. I cede the point. BEST SONG: “Shamrock Shake” BEST SONG TITLE: “Shamrock Shake” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Rob Rob Robble – Rob Rob Rob / Rob Robble Robble – Rob Robble Rob / Robble Robble Robble – Robble Robble Rob / Rob Robble Rob / Robble Robble Robble / Shamrock Shake!” Ah, geez, i gave away the ending. – Rev. Norb (Robble)”

“Maximum Rock-n-Roll's Kenny Kaos Top Ten - Hamburglars Theme EP.”

“WFMU - Brian Turner's Fave Live Acts List for 2010!”

"1. Nothing says rock n’ roll like forgotten fast food marketing campaigns, and Chicago’s Hamburglars have completely latched onto this idea. For starters, when performing, they dress up in the black and white jumpsuits just like the classic McDonaldland character, and most of their songs contain the nonsensical term “Robble Robble” as the primary lyrics. But novelty act? I think not. The song “Sharmrock Shake Demo #2″ from their Myspace Page is a swaggering garage rock number that features lead singer MicBurglar demented “Robble Robble” delivery over the dark boogie shuffle. It’s fun, but does carry a seemingly clever and twisted underbelly. This ain’t your kids’ happy meal band."

"Thank you for the Hamburglars. That's just 8 flavors of awesome."

The Hamzinger - Monkeybeat