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“Forte presenza melodiche, cura nell’arrangiamento finalizzato ad esaltarne voci e cantato, ritmica lineare e tantissimo vintage sono i materiali che abbiamo a disposizione per una sorta di “guida all’ascolto”, necessaria non perché di supporto ad un album complesso, anzi, ma in buona sostanza è mia premura che non si confondi la semplicità con la banalità. In questo E.P. tutto è al suo giusto posto, dalla scelta della tracklist (“Swallows and Amazons” è un’ottima apertura, con “Cherry Blossom Girl” come chiusura) alla scelta melodica, dalla copertina al minutaggio.”

“REM’s first LP ...was one of those exclamation mark moments, similar to “Measuring the Space” by inner-western Sydney band The Hadron Colliders. My response to hearing this was immediate and positive, and I’ve now spun “Measuring the Space”…over and over. You might think of REM when you first hear this EP, ‘though I am here to advise this impression won’t last long. It couldn’t possibly; Arun Kendall (formerly of The Last Metro) is clearly a unique talent and this record is sexy as all get-out”

“Our music has been variously described as The Church meets Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, an element of Died Pretty, The Go-Betweens and even a bit Psychadelic Furs – a lot of architectural guitar sounds layered over a Hammond organ base and melodic bass. Melody plays an important part in our songs and lyrics are very important too. We love to play live and are of the view that every gig should be as entertaining and dynamic as possible. So we don’t just stand still playing in t-shirts and shorts.”

“...soulful indie, the keys adding that extra gloss to the (generally) gentle indie pop of the band... fragile, constructed melodies and (a) sort of melancholy sweetness”

“I would equate them a bit to Nick Cave, at least the singer sounds like him. There is an odd juxtaposition between the upbeat instrumentals and the pretty sorrowful sounding singer, but I think I like it.”

“Forming in only May this year, The Hadron Colliders have obviously been impressing enough people to score themselves a headlining show at Livesound in the Lewisham Hotel this Friday night, supported by...Jules Backman/Dave Phillips”

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