The Gruff / Press

"You don't have to have the blues in order to sing them, nor do you have to hail from Texas in order to play country music. A Trail of Missing Thoughts...an impressive and thoughtful stroll through the bluegrass of Kentucky,the trad-country of Texas and the 1970s folk of California."

Mike Devlin - Victoria Times Colonist

"Phaedra Kemp, Jenny Ritter, Terri Upton and token male multi-instrumentalist Adam Iredale have gelled with a balanced combination of original material and tasty instrumental arrangements and interplay."

Peter North - Edmonton Journal

"..the three billy goats have become four young women who play folk music with the skill of old-timers."

Penguin Eggs

"...while this outstanding album's sound conjures up images of the Be Good Tanyas or even Indigo Girls, I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that the songwriting is arguably even stronger than that of either of the aforementioned." -review of The Gruff - self titled

R.C. Joseph - 24 Hours

"...the Gruff.....exudes an easygoing, if not always cheerful, contemporary vibe, especially in the seemingly effortless intertwining of their voices over a buoyant, tastefully embellished musical backdrop." - review of A Trail of Missing Thoughts

Scott Lingley - Penguin Eggs