The Groves / Press

“ "The Groves 'Pack Heavy Travel Light' moves fluidly, almost effortlessly: it’s a got a soothing hypnotic quality. A confident command of their music injects the songs with a strength and a subtle grace. Like with all great music: just hit play and let The Groves be your tour guide."”

"The Groves latest collection of Kings of Leon-like rock is a shaggy, Southern-rock shape-shifter, from the '70s garage-blues of Keep the Change to the loose, jammy vibes of Cog to the foggy math-rock of Acolapissa. It's the sound of a band that knows how to have a good time. Perfect for: Your rye-sipping brother."

“It all starts with the land. Arrowhead Farm is 40 acres of pastoral Florida farmland on the outskirts of Carrollwood, not far from the mansions of Avila Golf and Country Club. It’s been in Lane Smith’s family since 1911, when there was nothing there but palm trees and scrub. This is where the Groves came to be. It’s where they write, where they play, where they wakeboard, rock-climb, build bonfires and hang with all their friends. It’s where drummer Smith and his father built their own bar from recycled wood and tin, and where the Groves are building their own mini music empire, complete with a recording studio and permanent outdoor stage. “To have 40 acres is one thing,” said guitarist Travis Bourguignon, “but then for them to do all the things that they do, and we’re able to all do it together and be a family about it, that’s the most important thing. It’s just a big ol’ playground, and if we can dream it, we can do it.””