theGroovynators / Press

“Excellent performance yesterday (8/16/15) at The Blue Note Grill. Thank you! I bet when you guys play a club it is always a great party!”

“I really enjoyed your music. So a few comments, your sound is very full for a 3 piece group, Everyone plays their parts well, very much "in the groove", I like the song selections, I like the laid back bass player, Your guitar playing fits perfectly, with the drums and bass. Finally, Ms. Deans vocals put you guys on a whole different level compared to other blues/rock bands. Your vocals match well with hers as well. I wish you much success.”

Clint Clayton - Private Review

“The Groovynators are a three piece group from Durham, NC. This excellent band originally got its feet wet as a gospel trio. I loved Dennis Beckwith’s spiritual and soulful bluesy voice and thought it would possibly seal the deal. With Denny Mangum on drums and John Beard on bass, The Groovynators definitely took the audience to Church big time with Tom Waits’ “Way Down in the Hole” a song about putting the Devil in the ground where he belongs! Also sensational was their cover of the B.B. King masterpiece “The Thrill is Gone”. This band was very creative with their bluesy version of a nineteenth century old English folk song called “Wayfaring Stranger”. I felt humbled almost as if I was sitting in the pew with my Methodist hymnal in hand with this band’s stellar bluesy take on the glorious hymn “Precious Lord”. A feeling definitely washed over me that this competition was was going to be close after feeling these guys music to my bones.”