The Grinning Man / Press

“My, my, my. Where are you pointing that laser? Planning to blow Mars out of orbit? Or are you just blowing Em out of the water with this delish CD? Hmm. Let me think on it. Both!.....Smile, baby, smile because I have four guys who are going to psychedelically surf you into some heavy funkalicious jazzy stuff that will make your lips freeze like Sardonicus!.....As for you and me? Well, let's just put this CD back on loop and hang out. We can dance. We can dream. We can scream. How about doing all that and more? The Grinning Man is on the loose ... and I'm inviting them to the party! Watch where you point that thing, dear! Like the band, it's dangerous to ignore!”

“The Grinning Man wrapped up the night with an instrumental set, which displayed this extremely talented trio. JD – guitar, Matt – bass, and Mike on drums played an eclectic set of music that alternated between rocking the place and offering celestial sounding pieces. In their pre-concert interview, they told me musicians usually appreciated them more than venues or listeners. This was not the case Friday not, they quickly won over the crowd once they started playing.”