The Greening / Press

“Psych-pop rockers The Greening have a headtrip of a new music video out based on their single “Unifier.” It’s a brain-scrambling masterpiece, a beautifully disconcerting swirl of kaleidoscopic imagery and slow-motion effects with a seductively surreal vibe that will suck you in and won’t let go for the nearly four minute runtime. The visuals mesh seamlessly with the entrancing music: the slinky electronic groove, the atmospheric synths, the understated vocal melodies. This one is not to be missed, and once you see it, good luck forgetting it.”

“I’ve lived in San Francisco for 12 years and I can’t remember a time when The Greening didn’t exist. They’ve been fighting the good fight for so long I feel like sometimes they get overlooked, but catch just one of their shows and you’ll never forget it—the energy they bring onstage is unreal. There’s a spastic quality to their performances as they channel prog, rock, psych, and pop influences, sprinkle in a dash of punk and a touch of soul, and overlay it all with multi-part harmonies. I don’t know what I’d call it. They call it “collage rock.””

“Pop-rock explorers, The Greening will be hosting their vinyl release show for their upcoming album Eon v. Aeon, this Friday ay Slim’s in San Francisco. The band describes their music as Collage Rock, infusing catchy rock and roll hooks with all manner of fuzzed-out, psychedelic space tones. But make no mistake; The Greening is definitely still a guitar band as evidenced by the heavy riffage on new tracks like “Into the Fugue” and the prog-rock inspired “A Victory”.”

“The radio friendly nature of the songwriting disguises its underlying complexity. Surprise bridges, unexpected arrangements and time signatures evolve from an appreciation of the psychedelic movement, forgotten ’70s art rock, classic ’60s pop, and the ultimate desire to combine elements of all of these with a psychotic injection of punk energy.”

“For the first nine years of its existence, the Greening was a power trio. But after some lineup changes around 2010, the San Francisco band expanded to a four-piece with original members Karl Meischen and Will Loving. Despite the shift, the band has continued to expand its sound with a mix of rock, psychedelic and combining three-part vocal harmonies.”

“With a vibrant, lighthearted sound that is decidedly retro, the group manages to capture the spirit of classic rock and pop acts of the past but reinvent the style in a way that is both modern and accessible.”

“Check out the Greening CD Release Show Oct. 29th if you're in the San Francisco area. These guys are amazing and incredible live!”

“San Francisco based Rock/Pop band The Greening have just completed their newest EP (She’s So) Electric. The CD is an interesting amalgamation of Classic Rock, Pop and Indie music that is sure to garner the band the attention they deserve.”

“When compared to many of today’s pop rock acts The Greening do have a bit of an edge thanks to their psychedelic and slightly retro sound.”

“The Greening's mission statement is to push pop music to new frontiers through their blend of accessible experimentation.”