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“one can expect a session of skilled musicianship, funky beats, and low-key, but sophisticated jazzy sounds.”

"Certainly not unheard of, the quintet does have an unlikely element: It is fronted by the steelpan drums of leader Tony Hartman (he also plays keys). It works impossibly well together, resulting in a sound that has led critics to compare the band to Fusion heavyweights such as Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and John McLaughlin. The hard-touring outfit comes to Cincinnati Friday. " - Mike Breen, City Beat (Aug 27, 2013)

Mike Breen - City Beat

"And we’ll be damned if The Great Barrier Reefs aren’t the smoothest band on the block. Or in the city. Maybe even the state...we couldn’t be more excited for the new album Live in Middle Tennessee"

"The Great Barrier Reefs will be providing the opening support for tonight’s show and require your early attendance at 9 p.m. sharp people! If you’ve never heard of the Murfreesboro-based group, then you’re in for a treat. Honestly one of my favorite local groups due to lead singer Tony Hartman’s use of the steel pan."

"Reefs are high energy, low BS"

“They also had SouthSide enjoying the spirited compositions of unspoken "lyrics" in which she found herself listening closely to the shared "vocal" banter between the steep pan and saxophone with the rest of the band as "backing vocals". This reviewer also liked how The Reefs continuously kept the good vibrations flowing without breaking the contagious music momentum surrounding its audience... This reviewer highly recommends planning to party under the cool jazz-pan sounds by The Great Barrier Reefs this summer especially when they travel to Atlanta in the coming weeks”

“Catchy melodies and hooks abound and bring back memories of the many talented players and bands that flowed through and grew out of the best of Miles Davis' 1968-75 bands, including the work of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul, Pete Cosey, Dave Holland and John Mahavishnu McLaughlin. It sure sounds to me like many of the best influences from that whole trajectory march on boldly on this album which manages, somehow, to bring all that cream forward freshly.”

“The Reefs sound combined a cool island breeze of pan rhythms with the lively groove of jazz that had everyone in the audience hooked onto the energetic melodies wafting throughout the basement lounge.”

“Finding Time is an excellent and well executed melodic getaway of skilled musicianship ... This is an absolute must-have and welcome addition to any diverse music lover’s collection”

“This month finds our newest obsession: Steel-drum-driven jazz internationalists The Great Barrier Reefs (trust us you're going to want to swim in their shallows) laying down a serious, atmospheric groove to Alfred Hitchcock's 1927 "The Lodger: A story of London Fog"”

“The upbeat title track starts things off in the right direction and the buoyant mood continues with “To the Bridge Burners,” featuring particularly impressive guitar work. Things slow down a bit on the reeling “Gratitude,” which includes a nice percussive breakdown and a brilliant saxophone solo. The pace quickly picks up again on the funky, reggae-tinged “Pasando Por Las Calles,” the album’s must-hear essential highlight, although you will be hard pressed to find a dud in this bunch. ”