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“New article starts today called: "Pan Missions" Note over the last few months The Gratitude Steel Band has displayed some interesting diversity besides it's reggae & social norms! Hat changes included an all Jazz Show at U of M Hospital, a Hawaiian Luau Wedding Band with the band playing a reggae version of The Lord's Prayer while singing it in Hawaiian, an I Did it My Way arr, Cinco De Mayo with an all Mexican and Salsa Show concluding with Pirates Theme including singing about Mona Lisa & performing music from Pirates of the Caribbean. The Band now prepares for an international school showcase and then an American Fun Memorial Day Parade! Does this band play 1 style of music? No we play and sing music. A big shout out to my Uncle Ed who inspired these explorations.”

“Spring Breakout Is just that... a time for children of Military members to come together after a long, cold, and snowy winter, for some fun and kick off the start of spring. We at Family Readiness look forward to this time each year to welcome your children to a program that is de-signed with them in mind. You trust them with us and we want to use the time wise-ly not only to have game time and fun, but also to build their knowledge. This year we had The Gratitude Steel Band who not only had us jamming to music but brought in some young people for a career talk. This is just one aspect of what we do. We hope to see your children next year at our “Spring Breakout”!”

“Fun Reward for Reading Completion! Bates Elementary has a ‘Wild Rumpus’ to celebrate National March is Reading Month Photo by Elizabeth Richardson. Children do the limbo during the Wild Rumpus celebration of the end of National Reading Month at Bates Elementary School. Photo by Elizabeth Richardson. Children do the limbo during the Wild Rumpus celebration of the end of National Reading Month at Bates Elementary School.”

“Happy Holidays to all!! The Gratitude Steel Band in addition to getting awards from Michigan Senate and Detroit City Council now have received an award from The City of Sylvan Lake Business Assoc. Thanks for all your support.”

“This is a 3 tier award. Who'd ever thought a student would recommend his own teachers family the opportunity to record and lead to this! Lamar Woodall referred us to my old school buddy Duane Parham, who thought I was still only a jazz musician to record. Recording Artist Duane Parham wrote "Detroit Is Coming Back" in 12 different styles. We recorded reggae, and salsa versions to help the image of the City of Detroit and received this prestigious award from Senator Coleman Young and also The Spirit Award from The City of Detroit!!! Thanks to God, Lamar and Duane for allowing THe Gratitude Steel Band to share our talents in such a great city of hope and filled with talented people. Let us build each other and we all will go way farther than we could before!”

“Bryan Rogers In the Michigan deans’ remarks preceding Tilghman’s, Bryan Rogers, of the School of Art & Design, And so there’s more than a touch of whimsy to the proceedings. For instance, warming up the crowd for the keynote were the Caribbean sounds of the Gratitude Steel Band. ”

“I thought they were flown in from the islands!”

“ 45th Annual Flower Day At Detroit's Eastern Market « CBS Detroit May 13, 2011... stages with local live entertainment, featuring Luther “Badman” Keith, The Gratitude Steel Drum Band,”

“Concert: Gratitude Steel Band at THE DETROIT INSTITUTE OF ARTS CBS Local ... Feb 23 2012 Concert DIA Feb 26 1 & 3pm”

“The Gratitude Steel Band Performs at The Detroit Institute of Arts. ”

“TGSB was honored to perform for the Arts Conference Hill Auditorium keynote speaker Princeton University President Tilghman   ”