"Loud, raucous and steeped in killer hooks, the band’s take on theatrical rock is the most original since the advent of Marilyn Manson"

“The Grannies have a more punk-tinged edge than the Upper Crust, and Jack Endino brilliantly directs their sound. The thick, grunge-fueled “Milchblut” and “Skylab” are punishing in nature and the two highlights for me. Yet, the band can surprise some and, like the Upper Crust, may be unconventional, but “Stone Fruit” proves how well they can play. The speedy, ultra-catchy effort also includes a harmonica performance that is highly unexpected but fits perfectly within the track. This bands is touring and my advice is that if they are within five states of your house, go see them.”

"Glittershitter and Outta My Skull are the sound of the best night you got arrested and couldn’t remember what the fuck happened....The Grannies are ballsier than all of us combined, and I will wager their live show is a special kind of insanity that has to be seen to be believed."

"With the energy, chops and grit of The Dwarves or the Sonics, the Grannies prove they can deliver the garage goods."

“Under the frayed frocks, however, you’ll find a fully operational gang of fire-breathing rock savages. As the title clearly implies, Ballsier is the loudest, heaviest, most excessive Grannies record yet.”

“This five-piece features guys that dress as old ladies and give themselves stage names like Anita Drink and Helena Handbasket but don't let the schtick fool you; there's nothing goofy about the Grannies' music. Imagine what a punk-leaning garage rock outfit fronted by Keith Richards might sound like and you've got a pretty good idea of the cool music to be found on 'Ballsier'.”

“The Grannies = Turbonegro + The No Tomorrow Boys”

“The Grannies possess far more musical prowess than their basement-driven gimmickry might suggest, and "Ballsier" is the perfect example of this.”

"Ballsier by The Grannies. America needs this music. The country needs musicians like these, who aren’t afraid to dress up like nightmarish parodies of old ladies and play crazy, aggressive, funny, profane, politically incorrect, and ridiculous music."

"The years have honed The Grannies’ trashy garage sound to a fine blade, albeit not a clean one."

"THE GRANNIES are like a sonic punch to the earhole"

“Meet me at the corner, THE CORNER OF FUCK AND YOU--The Grannies. Man this is great. You should buy a Grannies CD, ya miserable pukes! It's like rock music, with actual rock music!”

“ I was going to call this San Francisco group a “raw, hard-hitting, no-nonsense punk band.” But that’s not true. These cross-dressing maniacs — they’re fond of grandmotherly frocks and muumuus — are extremely pro-nonsense and proud.”

"A raspy vocal with garage rock gusto combined with an unapologetic double guitar attack kicks up the dirt and gives the deepest inhale of the purest smog you’ll ever taste!"

"It wasn't meteors crashing into the earth that killed off the dinosaurs, IT WAS THE GRANNIES! No sonic boom that started the universe, IT WAS THE GRANNIES! The music is infectious and the energy contagious. It's music made with passion, a passion that never died, that never quit and never gave up, a passion pushed by the sheer joy of rockin'."

"The Grannies, looking like a dystopian nightmare vision of glam, kick up a mighty ruckus and are anchored by a hot rhythm section."

"So be it - a trip that was great fun, and entertainment on my imaginary scale THE GRANNIES get ten out of ten points. Because I do not know what punk rock act could entertain their audience better."

“Punk-rock bands built around a gimmick usually focus far more attention on concept than they do songs and execution, but for well over a decade, the profane rabblerousers behind Bay Area group The Grannies has been mixing their love for ridiculous shennanigans with some solid and serious rock and roll. The Grannies look the part in their thrift-store old lady dresses and wigs while delivering a trashy, furious assault that echoes the likes of The New York Dolls, The Dictators and Motorhead. Sluggo and company have been entertaining the masses with their onstage antics and infectious anthems drawn from such fittingly titled efforts as Taste the Walker, the outtakes/demos collection Incontinence and the band's latest effort For Those About To Forget To Rock with their regular local shows and tours abroad”

“If you are a fan of The Hellacopters or The Dictators, this record encompasses all points inbetween. I would also highly recommend picking up the LP version of this record as it comes in one slick ass package and includes a download card. One look and listen to this sucker and you’re guaranteed to load your adult diaper…Granny-style!”

“The Grannies: Beneath their Granny outfits is a gloriously unhinged SF-based punk band with some great songs and pretty funny lyrics, and they keep getting better. They take themselves seriously just exactly enough and no more.”

"The Grannies out of San Fransico had to be one of the best punk rock shows I have been to since the mid 80's. Loud, obnoxious, tight, and crazy. I feel for all the Anchorites who didn't make it to this one. Looking forward to their return!"

"San Francisco punk band, The Grannies, throw it down in house coats and buckets of raw energy. They left Koots with one less guitar. This was a show to see!"

“Garage rock with heavy attitude, The Grannies are passing a decade as San Francisco's premier blast of insanity. The toughest men in dresses since dad had that month of "finding himself" in the early '80s. ”

"THE GRANNIES are my favorite Punk'n'Roll band on the planet."

"THE GRANNIES will save Rock'n'Roll from itself."

“Mix the frantic three chord riff rock of G.B.H. with the in-your-face approach of the Dwarves - and add in Divine's fashion sense for good measure -- and voila, you now have the ingredients for a Grannies' cocktail.”

“The word was already making the rounds that this bunch of moldy old punk rockers, whose history consists chiefly of dressing up like old ladies, getting fucked upand fucking things up while decent folk looked on in horror were a definite must see. Starting with a solid round of pre-set drinking,the typical GRANNIES show includes lots of kicking and fussing and usually culminates with something being broken,or set on fire,or broken and set on fire. ”

“It’s simply the worst band gimmick since a buncha Christian puffballs dressed up like bumblebees, and believe me, the Grannies KNOW it, it’s just too fuckin’ late to stop now. Eschewing the speed-trial flail of their previous outings, on “Erected Ladyman” THE GRANNIES toss in all manner of great rock n’ roll song – ya get the bitchin’ Twin-Tone-esque roots n’ roll of the touching pseudo-ballad “The Wrong Song”, the 70’s thunderboogie express of “Drainpipe”, the Dolls-y swagger-glam of “Teenage Kicks”, the Motor City meltdown of biker-scuzzfest “Crime Still Pays” - and lotsa fast n’ nasty stabs of punk-ass speed rock in between.........”

“........Best of all, regardless of what mode they’re in, whether it’s sincere rock revivalists or snotty, tranny-granny punk rock assholes, they lay on the hooks and the howls and the cock-rockin’ guitar solos like…like they’re not even dressed like arthritic 70 year old broads at all. Trust me on this one, as soon as the nurse is done giving you a sponge bath, tell her to get you a copy of this record. It’s almost as good as those awesome big blue pills they give you whenever you get caught jerking off in the TV room.”


“...SF's THE GRANNIES bring it on, in full(and frightening) grandmotherly regalia no less,and are here to assault your ears with something mean,something dirty,and something completely rock n roll....With song titles like "My Life Was Ruined by Rock N Roll","Taste the Walker",and "Grannies Gonna Get You" you should be afraid, very afraid.”

Megan Seling - The Stranger

“...THE GRANNIES sound mixes melodic, hard-charging punk with soulful grunge (no small wonder that their producer is grunge architect Jack Endino) and sleazy, balls-out rock n’ roll. It’s a tasty confection made even tastier by their flair for penning memorable, catchy songs with tongue in cheek titles (and subject matter) like “Don’t Step on My Tits” and “Jesus Was a Homo.” They’re also adept at conjuring up the odd serious tune, like the affecting “The Wrong Song” from their “Erected Lady Man” album. THE GRANNIES are a fucking good band, man. Which makes me wonder why they’re not bigger. And then I remember why – it’s because they’re dressed like crazy old women.”


"Killer tunes...THE GRANNIES Rule! Deal with it."

Dawn Anderson - Backfire , Seattle

“Dress like a woman. Talk like a man. Rock like a goddamned motherfucker. This is THE GRANNIES’ creed, and I love them for it. Yes, for all their foolish outlaw, gun-totin’, hotrod, transvestite, gross out geriatric aesthetic, these freaks can rock and have fun doing it...I’m just glad there are guys working in that tradition and making no apologies for it. The cover of the Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks” is a spirited surprise that blends right into the mix of originals. “Crap My Dress” is a stupidly hilarious rocker. “Not In The Face” is more than a warning. “Crank The Suck” closes everything out in proper Grannies fashion with killer licks and chants of “Fuck not fight!” What more do you want? THE GRANNIES will give it to you, pretty boy. (“Erected Lady Man” Wondertaker CD)”

Sean Lambert - Verbicide

"I would hate for this to be anyone's chief mode of artistic expression."

JR HIggins - Backfire , Seattle

“Dressing in drag is a time honored RnR tradition,with bands like the NY Dolls paving the way for High heel wearing musicians to feel empowered,even sexy.There is however,nothing sexy about THE GRANNIES.The band members look like Nick Nolte's mug shot if he had been dress as the lady from "Mama's Family"...............”


“.......They sound like it too,and that is meant as a huge compliment."”


“THE GRANNIES CD "Erected Ladyman" kicks ass from start to finish, a hot-on-the-burner tile-blaster of belligerent, raucous and downright scary raw punk energy. Somewhere between the Mono Men, KISS-meets-The-Simpsons-Retirement-Castle and the Makers, THE GRANNIES are titans of killer punk rock guitar, a jet engine roar of fire-starting brutality. What could make it better? Old lady outfits! Heavily checked for by such diverse punk throwrags, zines and websites as: Razorcake, Blender, Backfire, Toxic Flyer, Trashcompactor and Sleazegrinder.”