The Grain / Press

“Rock and roll need not be “in your face” in order to have an impact on your ears. What is more important is lyrical content, musicianship and band groove. Everything else in my opinion is superficial BS and often takes away from the true experience of what the music is trying to give us. Sometimes simpler is better; bass, drums, vocals and a guitar or two are all you need in order to carry a tune and deliver some good lyrics. Being fairly new in the Northern California music realm, The Grain is a band that is both simple yet profound. Because of the great musicians and amazing songs, The Grain need no fancy tricks or gimmicks to deliver their hearty brand of jamming rock and roll. You are drawn into the music because it is good, because it is fun and because it is real. The music of The Grain is joyous, fun, silly and grooving. It ebbs and flows through your body and can only make you dance.”