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“The Good Evol has just released their debut album, “Butterfly Crush,” and to be honest, I have a “crush” on it. This is not your run of the mill attempt at crashing into the power pop scene – this band has a gift, and they know how to use it. The album has all the pre-requisites of a smash – great vocals, interesting lyrics and incredible musicianship. Lead singer Natalia Bortolotti has a unique, identifiable voice that will soon put her in the same class with Gwen Stefani and Hayley Williams. The songwriting duo of Natalia and Scotty Smith have created a true work of art. Their songs are fun, irreverent, and highly commercial. If their live show is half as entertaining as the songs themselves, this band is on a one-way track to the top of the music charts. I found it hard not to get up and dance as I grooved to the sounds of title cut “Butterfly Crush” and “Love Ate my Brain.” I can guarantee this album will be on my list of the Top 10 albums of 2011!”

“...California’s own The Good Evol...headed up by infectious singer/songwriter Natalia Bortolotti. What I heard put a smile on my face. Finally a band that gets it, with music in the vein of Pink, No Doubt, and Garbage. [The album] Butterfly Crush is some of the best new music I’ve heard in quite a while... You want full tilt rock, you want punk, you want music that is packed to the hilt with energy and is entertaining to listen to? Well look no further. This CD covers all the bases delivering solid playing and amazing songwriting and a musical flair that just lets it all hang out...The Good Evol is what we’ve all been waiting for. It’s a polished sounding musical production from start to finish, served up hot with great playing, solid writing...a fun filled musical experience...a party that’s out of control. It’s definitely a musical production that gives us a fresh glimpse at a hot new artist...”

“...explodes in your ears like a lemon explodes in your mouth...pulsating rhythms...catchy vocals...grand mosaic of exotic soundscapes...steady rock driven groove...pulsating melody...vocal layering...captivating, mesmerizing and infectious...explodes into a kaleidoscope of sound...pulsating keyboard and synthesizer accents...extremely melodic...musical variety and a degree of unpredictability...rocking rhythm guitar, driving rhythms, synthesizers and keyboard accents...well placed vocal harmonies...packed to the hilt...chock full of exotic soundscapes that lunge at you from every direction...not a dull moment on the entire production...rocked out and fun to listen to...rock solid production...consistent, catchy, original...total blast to listen to...grab you, refusing to let go...amazing songwriting and top flight originality...these are two talented composers and performers...When the ride is over you will want to do it all over again.”

“The Good Evol...headed up by energetic front-woman Natalia Bortolotti...impressive chops and a slamming playing style presented along the way...Bortolotti definitely holds her own remarkably on vocals and definitely brings the whole project together...great music to crash a late night party...Music is timeless, very upbeat, emotional and easy to grove to. It will remind you of classic No Doubt, Paramore and even Pink...personifies the human experience, with music that is 100% honest, pure and genuine...professional grade from start to finish...remarkable vocal presence of Natalia Bortolotti...[she] has star quality and is a marquee talent within this band. Her musical personality shines with a rare brilliance...the more you listen to it, the more it will reveal itself to you. Folks who want a catchy punk rock sound will love this release...This CD is freaking out of control - in a good way...”

“From start to finish...delivers the goods...highly entertaining experience...very strong indie-alternative rock quality...even dabbles in hooky pop...[you] will enjoy this latest release from The Good Evol...fun female vocalist...extremely radio friendly...these two find their musical mojo...playing, singing and songwriting is spot on...overall vibe is very fun, reckless and out of control...[it] has party crashers written all over it...”

Michael Morrison - Music Emissions

“The Good Evol's debut CD, Butterfly Crush, starts with the title track, setting a fast pace right from the jump. They mix high-energy pop with a great rock sound, and their danceability (is that a real word??) rating is high, high, high! [It's] the sort of thing that makes you want to get up and dance around the room. The lyrics are often humorous; I particularly liked the line, “What am I gonna do about this tattoo? You’re my future ex-boyfriend.” This is the sort of CD to put on any time of the day. One to get your energy levels up at breakfast but equally good in the evening to rock out to. Kick off your shoes – go on, nobody’s watching!”

Louisely D’Amour - Carlito's Music Reviews Blog