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“The GooDBarS’ new self-titled album is an aural punk/rock assault loaded with cocky swagger.”

“The GoodBars...Delicious, Goes Down Easy, Scrumtrulescent”

“MN band, The Goodbars, are certified ear candy.”

"It's as if Glenn Danzig and Joey Ramone had a three-way with Jenna Jameson backstage at an AC/DC concert".

Tmaj Johnson - Tmaj Johnson-Milwaukee, WI

"It would be easy to write-off this band as another original punk-n-roll band, but then you are just really underestimating their awesomeness. There are three basic elements to their music: Vocals that approximate the shape and tone of 70′s and 80′s rock but get layered with “grumbling, growling” expression of RJ; the immense guitar exchange between Clinton and Michael; and the excellent rhythm of Bart and Todd. Yes, this could easily have been just pretty; but the bass gives it a physicality and sexiness. (Actually, I just stole that line from someone else, but I think it fits)." Divebar Daisy-Sianetradio.com

"Three things matter in this world. 1) a good bowel movement. 2) holiday pay, and 3) the GooDBarS."

Edie Stone - GQ

"I thought I was the biggest thing Minneapolis ever seen, especially back in my purple days, but these guys....they blow away anything I can do."*****

****due to copyright laws, name is unpublished - Minneapolis Musician Monthly (MMM) formerly titled, Rock! Cities Style

"Of all the things in this world that are rock n roll personified, these guys have it. Catchy riffs, solid rhythm, insightful lyrics...great chops"

Harvey Dent - the daily grind

"If i had to summarize, in one word or less, the ferocity of the GooDBarS, that word would be-FUCK!"

Ronnie James Dio - Kerrang

"the GooDBarS are the reason to go out on a thursday night for rock n roll. nothing better."

jim schmelz - good houskeeping