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“The Golers came on and actually warmed up the crowd. This is a band that honestly deserves to be much more of a name on the global metal scene. Their blend of thrash, speed, and death metal is as rare as it is skillfully executed. Simply put, The Golers are far more than just a local metal band- they kill at what they do.”

“An interview with Vancouver crossover punk / metal band Golers”

“Hillbilly headliners the Golers closed the Valentine’s Day preamble with a Deliverance-inspired brand of thrash metal, which luckily didn’t devolve into anyone squealing like a pig. Of the three acts, the Golers’ sound was more defined and somehow managed to avoid the Cookie Monster-in-a-trash-compactor sound that’s typical of smaller metal shows. Most of that was due to the seasoned pipes of Charlie Goler (aka Walter Mason), but the rest of the band was equally up to snuff, bringing the kind of fury that we haven’t seen since the Stormtroopers of Death folded their tent.”

“Before the night came to a close, the Golers walked on stage. Forming in 1998 and only having a “one member” turn around, this band has produced three full length albums since 1999. The band consists of Charlie(vocals/guitars), Henry(guitar/back vocals),Roy (bass/vocals) and Cranswick(drums). This Thrash metal/Crossover band walks on stage in matching wife beaters with handwritten “Golers” (in sharpie) printed on the shirts. This band may not look the part of a thrash metal band, but musically, they fit the roll and their performance was phenomenal, beyond my expectations. This was my first time experiencing the Golers, and I went in thinking “Well, another Thrash Metal band…yippee”. By the end of their set, I walked away with a genuine “Goler Rock” to my step. This band surprised me, and it was in the best way possible.”