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“The Goldest sound like psychedelic 60s pop on a 70s groove...It feels like it should come from the 80s “60s revival” era - where happy jangl-y music recreated itself with a modern edge. But it’s all brand new.”

“HM_P Saw 3 great bands last night, debut's of Water Liars and Whale Fall and an outstanding set from the Goldest. Tonight, Baseball Project.”

“show feedback the EARL 7/24: "The Goldest were awesome in a complex layered way which i have not yet distilled into a pat metaphor but..."”

“Thanks the EARL, Patrick, Kurt, Jonanthan, Tracy, Michelle, John and Tom for sitting in. Our love-fest outreach to fans celebrated it's paper anniversary last night in style.”

the Goldest - From The Goldest

“A little Sinead, a little bouncy B-52's-ish, but all fun and dancin' in my pj's. Check these ladies out!”

“[T]his self-titled EP shows off a band that clearly has a lot of ideas and can already see a path towards portraying them musically. Each song relates to the other musically, so begin to hear elements that become characteristic of their sound.”

"The Goldest are an Atlanta band on the rise whose bubbly, Beatlesque (yes I stooped to using that adjective!) power-pop is displayed to full effect on their delightful self-titled debut EP. There’s not a weak track among them

“..."Already Gone," kicks off with big swathes of twinkle paired with...thumpy bass and a cymbal crash, flowering into...chugging, swirly prettiness...a relaxed energy without being too calm.”

"Party Bus" is more rocking with big, Beatlesque harmonies that pop in, developing into the kind of yowly Robert Schneider wonderfulness Apples in Stereo has at its best.

"FM Gold" sounds just the way it should, with lead male vocals and soft backing female tones and a chilled out, guitar-based feel that picks up speed as it moves along. [E]ach song grows and branches as its time elapses, [making] the EP feel like more than its relatively short running time.