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“ The Gloria Darlings have got a lot to be proud of here...this album makes a reality of their immense potential that I personally am thrilled to see, and makes me look forward to more as they continue to conquer the Great Northwest! (and, dare I say it, the folk music world?) ”

“The Gloria Darlings – Pandi, Rachel, and Rebecca – will celebrate their album release. The Gloria Darlings inhabit many worlds as youthful torchbearers for traditional American Folk melodies and instrumentation. Not “folk” as in “umbrella term for acoustic, lyrical singer/songwriters.” Nope, we’re talking real Folk with mountain dulcimers, autoharps, classic harmonies, and instant sing-alongs. Throw in a splash of Adora-core and a penchant for defying the assumptions that come upon an all-female string band, and you get The Gloria Darlings. Already embraced by the vibrant Northwest Folklife community and recently selected as finalists for Northwest String Summit, this release and the months to come are sure to be very exciting and fun to watch.”

““An up-and-coming gifted songwriter and singer, Pandi (of The Gloria Darlings) conveys in equal parts; great melodies, wonderful lines like, ‘when you stumble make it part of the dance,’ and a voice that has sweetness, edge, tenderness and toughness.” ”

Alice Gerrard - Press Quote

“ Those familiar with “the scene” around the Puget Sound could scarcely have missed the emergence of a female duo, The Gloria Darlings, who appeared about two years ago. They (Rachel Sage and Pandi) have performed at venues ranging from Seattle's Pike Place Market to backing vocal work with folk veterans like Linda Waterfall and Nancy K. Dillon. Those counting themselves as fans will find this to be a fine representation of tunes the Darlings have used to showcase their beautiful harmonies and excellent musicianship. The Darlings are wonderful purveyors of traditional folk in a style reminiscent of Gillian Welch, with perhaps a hint of Kitty Wells thrown in, and that comes through on this CD. I think the future will reveal this album to be a treasured look at new talent making a Northwest debut; a debut filled with promise, hinting broadly at wonderful music that will be delivered in subsequent efforts. The Gloria Darlings is an album to hear and to treasure, now and in years to com”

“KBCS Streaming Radio Archive: Live InStudio w/Linda Waterfall 8pm”

“A few weeks later, on the sidewalk outside the Conor Byrne Pub in Ballard, two women play a song on a single instrument with two sets of strings that they both play at the same time. The instrument is called a “courting dulcimer,” and the duo is called the Gloria Darlings, one of three bands that will play the venue later in the night for a show sponsored by Sepiachord, a Seattle-based online magazine that is one of the driving forces behind what founder and “Captain” Jordn Block admits is a nebulous steampunk music scene... Most of the bands that have been featured in Sepiachord did not set out to make “steampunk music.” Instead, groups like the Gloria Darlings produce music that just happens to find an audience among those in the steampunk scene, who may be attracted to the groups’ choice of instruments, their subject matter or just their style. The Dresden Dolls, Unwoman and Toy Box Trio have all fallen into that category.”

“Perhaps the most recent take on this was when (Pandi-The Gloria Darlings) of Seattle ordered an otherwise very traditional ‘courting dulcimer' with pickups installed.”