the Glasspack / Press

"Nobody does dirt rock quite like The Glasspack. For over a decade, the Louisville, Kentucky, outfit — under the leadership of appropriately-monikered guitarist/vocalist “Dirty” Dave Johnson – have been inflicting eardrums with their pounding blues rock, and on their latest release, they pair up with fellow sluggers Trophy Wives for a split 7” on Noise Pollution Records that turns out to be a whole lot more than just that."-The Obelisk, 2011

“The Glasspack has always been about creating a primal, unholy wall of sound built around Dirty Dave Johnson's yowling, distorted guitar pyrotechnics. That hasn't changed with "Dirty Women," this is still the sound of heads hitting windshields, captured in full analog glory, but Johnson has tightened his songwriting without sacrificing the bourbon-fueled mayhem.-Jeffrey Lee Puckett, May 12th, 2007, www.courier-journal.com”