the Ghost of Saturday Nite / Press

“The Ghost of Saturday Nite's purist punk strikes a comfortable balance between classicist familiarity and street grit, like a midpoint between The Unseen and One Man Army. That dynamic turned two of the group's songs into standouts of Teenage Time Killers, a recent supergroup project by COC drummer Reed Mullin. "Barrio", sung there by Alkaline Trio frontman Matt Skiba, and "Son of an Immigrant", sung by Ghost of Saturday Nite's own Jonny Webber, show the bands knack for mining bright hooks from raw foundations.”

BCR - Indy Week

“The Ghost of Saturday Nite is a three piece group with a crunchy groove that’s their version of old school punk with west coast sensibilities.”

“The next act on the bill was the three-piece hardcore/punk act The Ghost of Saturday Nite, who are one of the Raleigh, North Carolina bands (along with Age of Despair) currently touring with CoC – Blind. As the band walked onstage, their vocalist/guitarist warned the decidedly “metal” crowd that they were in for something slightly different, saying “we play punk rock…it’s like metal on heroin…you’re gonna love it”. What followed was a fun and energetic set from the band that undeservedly got absolutely no crowd response whatsoever. Regardless, The Ghost of Saturday Nite’s punk rock swagger and don’t give a fuck attitude shone through as they soldiered on from one blistering song to another, smiling and laughing all the while. The band blended the sounds and styles of SoCal bands like Social D and The Bronx to perfection and in my opinion, offered a nice break in the evening’s lineup for something a little different.”