The Ghost of Joseph Buck / Press

“The band’s heart, its music, encompasses the entirety of the American West mythos. On the band’s second, recently released EP, “Scenic,” The Ghost of Joseph Buck continues to pepper simple yet strong music with Western motifs like a barroom piano, the occasional organ and mariachi horns. But this time they brought along the ballsiness of rock with guitar moments that almost cross over into hard rock.”

“The Ghost of Joseph Buck first appeared in the Fall of 2011. Guitarist and songwriter Joe Franzen gets inspiration from the connection we share as human beings that allows us to understand one another. The songs are real stories about real people. The Ghost of Joseph Buck has been filling venues with their haunting sound for the past year and a half. Those who listen to the group will be filled with feelings of humanity, empathy, hope and hopelessness. The sounds of Americana and folk interwoven with blues, gypsy, latin, country, and even a hint of classical create a unique musical sound that you’ll feel in your bones.”

“This EP isn't a collection of murder ballads so much as one of tales of misfortune collected from grandparents who grew up during and after the Great Depression in the West. "Brother Ely" is the tale of a pious figure who comes to town, doomed to sing his praise to God literally to death when his efforts invite the attention of the Devil. "Travelin' Chair"'s Willie McGee, meanwhile, doesn't fare much better after being framed in 1945. Musically, this record has clear ties to folk and other old-timey music, but the arrangements and instrumentation have a modern flavor that gives graceful yet weighty songs like "Last Man on the Mountain" a depth and richness that could not have been achieved with vintage equipment.”

Tom Murphy - Westword

"The Ghost of Joseph Buck is a Denver-based quartet that has been bumping around town for about a year now. The group’s instrumentation — upright bass, piano, guitar, drums and an occasional organ — gives its old-timey tunes the sound of a forgotten era. Recorded with Colin Bricker at Mighty Fine Audio, the band’s debut EP sounds like something you might hear in an Old West saloon — or maybe an Old West saloon on TV. The pared down instrumentation lets the EP’s five songs — three of which were inspired by Radio Diaries stories — really breathe and blossom."

“Over the past year, Americana band The Ghost of Joseph Buck has been writing and recording songs based on our stories. They’ve kind of become the official bards of Radio Diaries. We’ve just put up three of their songs – based on Willie McGee and the Traveling Electric Chair, The Last Man on the Mountain, and The Gospel Ranger – on our Soundcloud page for your listening pleasure. ”