The Gentlemen Bastards / Press

"This self titled release is 52 minutes of infectious grooves. Not too heavy, never too light. Great straight up hard rock and roll, that’s what this is about. A good time is to be had with this album, that’s for sure."

"Every track is brash, energetic and aggressive rock and roll. Guitarist Bill Barry delivers some absolutely rip roaring solos in “Motorcycle Song” and “Deja Vu,” and some short punchy riffs that power such tracks as “Last Rites” and “Take A Ride.” The rhythm section deserves a lot of praise throughout the record as jazz bassist Bödvar Bödvarsson and drummer Dave Stanley allow longer songs like “Bad Wolf” and “NMR” to swing and swagger along, giving the guitarist free reign to wail and create some psychotic sounds." "It’s a finely produced album and considering they are a newly formed band one would think they would need to refine their sound more to pull off ten and seven minute songs, however they pull it off perfectly. There’s promise in this band and a lot to like if you’re into aggressive rhythms and bellowing guitars." The Review: 8/10

"They take the southern rock they grew up with; incorporate a little of that British Isle rock ‘n roll (which might be due to the Canadian drummer and the Icelandic bassplayer) and some heavy stuff they know the guys from Soundgarden or Clutch would dig. Polish it off a bit and soak for three weeks in a bath of beer and bourbon. Let it leak out above a smoky bbq and the dry airy drums start to shine. The steady truckin bass starts to simmer and the guitar begins to bleed classic riffs and unrestrained lines that would shake the foundation of any dusty watering hole. Add to this the fact the guys know how to construct a song and an off-center high pitched vocalist that absolutely convinces and you have a tasty recipe that honors the old guard and incorporates the new."