The Garden Of Cyrus / Press

“Why aren't you a global rockstar?! Aisle of Wolves was sweet and I can't believe you wrote about the Amber Road!...”

Silent Matt - ReverbNation

“WOW, you are the real deal.... Aisles of Wolves has become one of my favorite songs. Definitely going to play more of your songs and will be a regular to your page”

Morning Wing Project - ReverbNation

“Good Morning Wolfie!! I went for a walk and found myself on "Amber Road" .. I had to "Hold On". I saw "Aisles of Wolves" ooooh! I put my "Mighty Boots" on and ran right into "The See-Through Man". He said, "I know you Can", It was under the moon that this all happened. However, I really do think I was Sleeeeppping. Just so you know there were no monsters...=_=...”

MaryAnn - Reverbnation

“Garden of Cyrus ground breaking "AISLES OF WOLVES and AMBER ROAD * sneak peek of a worldwide sensational debut album!!! And you heard it first right here on Reverb...privileged!!! Patricia”

Ecologyngle - ReverbNation

"Aisles of wolves" is a true eloquent, dynamic, breathtaking masterpiece! you possess enormous talent! Much Love xoxo

Funky Groovy Lemonade - ReverbNation

“This should/will be an all time number one song, it is incredible !!!”

Crimson City Romance - ReverbNation

“Your music is spell-bounding and wonderful to listen to.. One of my favorites of all time...”

Christine McHoes - ReverbNation

“Back to feast my ears on your wonderful music...You give life to music....Your virtuosity is tremendous, you are new music...there is something that keeps the listener returning for more... Light and respect Mandy”

Nick Kosar and Eclectic Dee as "Genre Fuse" - ReverbNation

“'Aisles Of Wolves' is really special ... great work. We also wish that you give us more of this. XP”

Xenophanes Productions - ReverbNation

“Amazing song!!this song should b on Mtv.wawww.”

Still Waters - ReverbNation

“looks like we are witnessing the sneak preview of a debut platinum album!”

Ecologyngle - ReverbNation

“wow what a voice, love the song!!!”

Der Geiger - ReverbNation

“God! i love your voice!!!!!!”

Folk's Friday - ReverbNation

"I came in the open door, I found what I was looking for". This song I can hear in movie. Love your voice. Had to stop again. Thanks for having me Wolf. ...=_=...

MaryAnn - ReverbNation

“Oh such sexy voice, wolfie one! :) Using the Angela Lansbury intro is genius! And the lyrics - what a journey!... lyra”

Aqualyra♥ - ReverbNation

"There's something I should tell YOU"!! I want to be your little Red Riding Hood. That is what I want Wolf!! "I WILL FOLLOW YOU THIS TIME". ...=_=... I love THIS SONGGGGGGG!! "I HAVE TO LET GO". "Now I find, took me over, took my hand, lead me into the light". x I'm HOOKED, lol..

MaryAnn - ReverbNation

“Aisles Of Wolves just gets better by the listen!”

Stephanie Andreus - ReverbNation

“ Keep coming back fellas, Aisles Of Wolves absolutly luv this track!!”

The Fores - ReverbNation

“What a fantastic production ... magic vocals :)”

Stirling - ReverbNation

“I can't tell you how much I love this tune....I can listen to it all day....Will be back...beautiful song, terrific vocals...outrageous production...it has it all....”

Pat Branch... Bass Player / Songwriter - ReverbNation

“Ah... "Angela Landsbury, "The company of Wolves. A mesmerizing film. I still want more... your composition is art at it's finest.”

Blue Phoenix Radio - ReverbNation

“Great song! Artfully crafted and expertly delivered!!”

Beyond the Cage - ReverbNation

“I love that song!!”

Christine McHoes - ReverbNation

“Loving your songs, a real musician”

JD Greer - ReverbNation

“lovin' on your music.... AMBER ROAD.... really really fantastic. ~ Saxony Raine”

10 MILES OF BLUE - ReverbNation

“Brilliant productions! I love this sound you've got going. Best wishes to you ~~Tracy”

Tracy Rigby - ReverbNation

“The G of C ROCKS!! Great vibe, vocals, lyrics and production!! Lets hear more!”

Mark Brooks - ReverbNation

“Amber Road has your signature sound...very good! I love your voice.”

Christine McHoes - ReverbNation

“Hello Garden of Cyrus, gifted composer and artist * a great pleasure to hear your work. all best wishes - Chuck ”

Chuck Brunicardi - ReverbNation

“Thank You I like both your songs BUT "AISLE OF THE WOLVES" took me to a dreamy place!! Laurie”

Laurie Rox ~ - ReverbNation

“Amber Road-------Heart drivin”

PROMIZE™ - ReverbNation

"Amber Road" another great track we like!!!!!!

The Fores - ReverbNation

“Hi GoC ... Loving Amber Road ... has that GoC sound that we've come to love about it. Top stuff guys :)”

Stirling - ReverbNation

“Angela Lansbury opens the magical door of the "Aisles Of Wolves * knock knock... we think you are brilliant! Patricia”

Ecologyngle - ReverbNation

“Love love love AMBER ROAD! Just discovered! Awesome VOICE! You got a serious future mate! JM”

John Moukarzel - ReverbNation

“'Amber Road' is a great new song. Greetings. Norbert & Adelheid”

Xenophanes Productions - ReverbNation

“Aisles of Wolves has great arranging, reminds me of good 80's pop ballads”

Sean Aust - ReverbNation

“Going for a wander through the Garden of Cyrus - heading down Amber Road about to turn into Aisle of Wolves .... One of RN's best artists :)”

Stirling - ReverbNation

“'Aisles Of Wolves' very nicely written song, love the vocals and excellent musicianship. We love the sound and style of this artist. - TPK”

The Pizza Kings - ReverbNation