The Gallery / Press

"Muscular guitars with a heartland edge, combined with overflowing hooks and harmonies, make The Gallery's five-song EP a gut-kicking trip of sheer rockin' splendor."

The Springfield Republican (Sunday Edition)

“Restless is a hook-laden gem of a record for anyone who isn't afraid to embrace the pop gloss of Top 40 radio... Any record exec should be able to see the star potential in each of these twelve songs. As sturdy and confident as any disc released so far this year, Restless is a triumph and a startling step forward from a band that won't be under the radar for long.”

“Who: Riffed-out rockers originally from tiny Wilbraham, Massachusetts. Sound: Big, shout-along choruses and bluesy guitar breakdowns. Singer Brendan Cooney grew up on Nineties rock, but gravitated toward legends like Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan.”

“They're giving some pretty good hope of reviving the Great American Rock Band. ”

“Looking back over the songs, I'm blown away at how good 'Restless' is and, by extension, how good The Gallery have become. An album with both depth and a healthy amount of pop qualities, 'Restless' is too good not to know about.”