The Gaff / Press

"Gaff is a multi talented DJ - Producer Funk Ninja. He is known to have some of the rarest and heaviest funk breaks around, not to mention his skratching, skateboarding, and log sliding abilities. The Gaff is Really Good."

Mat The Alien

"I've always said the mark of a good DJ is someone who can make a good record sound great, and a great record sound amazing. The Gaff can make an ordinary record sound revolutionary.

Nick Thayer

““The First Time I met Gaff I quickly realized he possessed the most important part of being a DJ.......a knockin' record collection. It's good to see he's harvesting the crops””

DJ Numark of Jurassic 5

““Gaff got so Many ill records itʼs fu$*ing Mind Boggling. I am in awe””

Cosmo Baker