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“omg you guys r really good I love ur songs and i am one of ur fans so thank you for the best songs in the world! I shared to everyone i have had on my list and people LOVE IT! Thank you! BYE!”

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“Review of 'Flag For My Release': “This sounds so emotional and moving. I mean this is almost something that almost sounds like something from a very dramatic opera or a very old hollywood movie. I really feel that the calmness and soothing tone of this singer really makes a person feel at sweet pure calmness. This just sounds like a really provoking song with a lot of passive lyrics. The lyrics just really take me to a high place. The lyrics just go from one high point to the next point of happness with effortless greatness. I really like the fact that this is so precise in the way that it was written to make people feel so emotional. I really think that this is going to be a song that will go into the hall of fame because of the sweetness of how this sounds. It almost sounds like a ballad of wonderful emotion.””

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“Review of Flag For My Release: “This is harmoniously beautiful from beginning to end. The melodious and soothing, and alluring music in the base of this song is pleasing to the ear. It has a light,airy sound to it. The vocalists have beautiful voices they soar high above your head. The lyrics are thoughtfully written. They are poetic, and romantic. This would the perfect song in a soundtrack for a romantic comedy movie. The vocal takent of these artists are radiant. You feel illuminated with light when you listen to this song. They display a feel good whimsical approach to express their thoughts through the artful outlet of music. They have mastered the way this song sounds and comes together as a whole package. The commercial potential is overpowering. I will tell people about this unique sound.””

“@amelie_bambi @TheFuseMusic i love the video off the song…rrally amazing…you did a great job in it :) well done! 11:37 PM - 09 Sep 12 @SeanTridgell Hi liked your video where can i buy it from? 07:45 AM - 10 Sep 12 @aimeedunnhayes wow, what a great video! 03:14 PM - 10 Sep 12 @aimeedunnhayes wow, what a great video! 03:14 PM - 10 Sep 12 @popincherries87 @TheFuseMusic You have an awesome sound! Keep up the good work. 07:05 PM - 10 Sep 12 @hellboy2399 I think it was a good website and you have done a good job 08:02 PM - 10 Sep 12 @KatieSheehan97 you guys are amazing :) xx 07:22 PM - 11 Sep 12 @AndySK1981 Very nice, I like your sound :-) 08:03 PM - 11 Sep 12 @Sherri4Astonxx yeah i liked it it was great :) 08:22 PM - 11 Sep 12 @carloscoelho66 Very nice! All Support 09:55 PM - 11 Sep 12 ”