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“ You rarely find a group of musicians that create their own music with orchestral strings as part of their sound, but that is exactly what you will find with the band The Furious Seasons. The Furious Seasons is a band that takes its cue from earlier bands like The Left Banke, Electric Light Orchestra and even Poi Dog Pondering. And just like these previous bands, The Furious Seasons’ sound stands out from the rest of the music industry because of the beauty that can be found in the music from the band. Singer-guitarist David Steinhart has taken his vast recording history and put it to use in the creation of the releases from The Furious Seasons. Along with Steinhart, his brother Jeff Steinhart plays the bass, his nephew Nate Steinhart plays the guitar, Bob Gannon plays the drums and Ray Chang adds his violin to the music to help give the band’s music its baroque feel. It’s that baroque feel in the rock music that shows up quite a bit on the band’s new album of My Anal”

Matheson Kamin - CD Review

“ Steady David Steinhart remains a meticulous model of constancy. This is his 19th album you’ve probably never heard over three decades, unless you’ve closely followed L.A.’s pop scene, dating to previous bands Pop Art (with brothers Richard and Jeff; the latter has returned on bass for Furious Seasons’ now three LPs—a fourth Steinhart, Nathan, also guitars here!) and Smart Brown Handbag. David writes and sings warm, literate, sober, preoccupied folk pop, always well-crafted, and full of small, conspicuous, workmanlike extras (pacific strings, mellotron, piano, guitar tweets, a southern blues harmonica), and an aptitude for unpretentious, poppy hooks that’s never deserted him these many years. Some of Face like “On the Wire” and ‘History Repeats” has a morning-after Blonde on Blonde Bob Dylan see-ya-leaving-babe vibe; others like “We Go Down” or “Hey Jon” are like Nilsson covering Fred Neil or light Long Ryders.”

Jack Rabid - The Big Takeover

“ THANK YOU FOR A SATURDAY- (STONEGARDEN)-It is funny that just by the name of a band you can get some preconceived notions in your head of what the band sounds like. When first hearing the name The Furious Seasons I had them pegged as an emo (or maybe hardcore band). Knowing that this is the same label that has released some records by The Black Watch should have dispelled that notion but it didn’t. I then remember reading a review and seeing a comparison to the Go Betweens, legendary (defunct) Aussie popsters and one of my favorite bands of all time. Needless to say I then immediately popped the cd in and have been enjoying the sweet sounds ever since. The band is made up of two brothers, David (vocals, guitars and drums) and Jeff Steinhart (bass) along with violinist Ray Chang and David writes all of the songs and though this band may new (it’s their 2nd record) he has been on countless other records with other bands Pop Art and Smart Brown Handbag. In addition to the wonderfully”


“Steinhart has such a lovely, trilling voice. For 24 years, whether with his two brothers in the underrated R.E.M./dBs-sweet arly 80’s L.A. band Pop Art, or for nearly two decades since with Smart Brown Handbag, Steinhart’s been a perennial cottage industry goldmine for those who carry torches for soft, finely crafted, windswept pop, like the Flying Nun obsessives gobbled on import from New Zealand in years past. And this is Steinhart’s 17th-correct, 17th album. Perhaps it’s his first as “The Furious Seaasons,” and his bassplaying brother Jeff is back riding posse. But we/methinks it will take more than a name change (maybe Steinhart needs to pop out of a giant Jell-O cake on YouTube?) to draw the eyeballs and canals that his careful, bittersweet, golden-hued lovelies full of solicitously resigned breakup intropsection merit.”

by Jack Rabid - The Big Takeover