The Fun Police / Press

“The Bullies in Blue, as they’re also called, are among South Sound’s most offbeat and wildly inventive bands, with a creative vision that encompasses genre-blurring anthems, quirky PSA videos and even food. Fun Police associate “Fryin’” Ryan Hatcher served up gourmet grits during the band’s performance at Tacoma’s Grit City Fest in June, with more culinary collaborations in the works. “You can’t beat grits on a stage. Nobody does that,” said local rapper and promoter Quincy “Q-Dot” Henry, who booked the band for Grit City Fest. “Expect the unexpected with them. That’s it. And they’ve got good tunes. They’ve got good stage presence, that’s for sure.” ”

““The Fun Police have built a track record of zaniness in just over a year on the Tacoma scene… Those who already know The Fun Police already know this band is a hoot!””

““The band is unlike anything else playing in the South Sound, and this fact, along with their on and off-stage antics, might attest to the fact that they have a solid fan base repeatedly coming out to see their shows.” “Never taking themselves seriously, they are the quintessential band to see and enjoy with friends who share a similar sense of humor and appreciation for music that is meant to entertain above all else.” ”

“When “Gringo Meringue” is the first song on your album, and it’s literally a joking-yet-talented meringue played by a bunch of white dudes, you know you’re in for something a little bit south of normal. Most times the fun police are the guys stopping everyone from having fun; the band The Fun Police is here to stop people from having bad moods. You have to have fun, or you’re going to jail.”