The Funky Knuckles / Press

"The Knuckles are a six-piece soul/jazz group (perhaps leaning more on the jazz end of the spectrum) out of Dallas, Texas. I wouldn't write them off as just another jazz group, as they have an original sound and plenty of charisma. The crowd especially enjoyed "Arise", a fresh Dilla-inspired tune written by guitarist Phill Aelony."

“I know there's a core group of serious knuckleheads just freaking out right now because they KNOW this band just kills. We just got the masters for the next Funky Knuckles release and we're just blown away. Look for this one to drop on January 21 via GroundUP records right here at Ropeadope.”

“I really enjoyed the freedom to let the music paint images in my head. There were moments when the paint came through a fire hose, and others when I felt that I was seeing the most exquisitely detailed of miniatures being engraved on air, and then attenuating outward to the far reaches of memory. "New Leaf(s)" remains a favorite. I hear three distinct movements in it, at least.”

“Six boys from Texas with chops that will simply blow your mind. The band is Wes Stephenson, Caleb McCampbell, Cedric Moore, Phill Aelony, Ben Bohorquez, and Evan Weiss. Having played with the best, they've laid down 10 mind melting tracks for their second release on GroundUP, Meta-Musica.”

“Funky Knuckles played and my old teacher Noel Johnston sat in with them. It was literally guitar heaven. Him and Phill kick some serious butt. That group always blows my mind, such talented musicians. Love the sound and vibe of them, I can't get enough.”

“First two shows of the Snarky Puppy tour, in Boston and NYC, respectively, have been amazing. My bros the Funky Knuckles have been joining us, and killing it every night.”

“Prior to the release of this album, I had the privilege of seeing the Funky Knuckles perform several times. Their performances were and are consistently engaging and enjoyable, as they alternate moments of contemplative beauty with moments of almost intolerably exciting propulsion. While their influences, including Herbie Hancock, Roy Hargrove, Stevie Wonder, Parliament, and God's Property, are present in their sound, the Knuckles have created a very distinctive, genuine, and exhilarating identity that clearly draws on ideals that are both visceral and sophisticated. This is music that you could enjoy whilst driving, cooking, thinking, playing Halo, or wrangling tigers on the Siberian Taiga, and it would work for each scenario-- in fact, it would probably feel like it was tailored for exactly that scenario. If there is a five-star instrumental album from 2012, it is certainly "As Of Lately" by the Funky Knuckles.”

“OMG - One fantastic number after another! I heard about these cats from some local Dallas musician friends, then caught them live this past weekend, and I was in jazz/fusion heaven - better than I dreamed. Virtuoso performances all around. Indeed, Their music was absolutely fantastic live, and this excellent album captures it, plus crisp studio quality. Every number is a blast, every musician is spot on. I'm eagerly looking forward to my NEXT chance to catch Funky Knuckles live and many more after that. Thanks Wes, Phil, Caleb, Cedric, et al, for making beautiful music, and capturing some of the best of it on this great album!”

“OMG ... Good ... Those guys are Fuggin' great ... those kicks and accents are hipper then hell ... and bad funky mo-fo's ...”

“That $hit be funky, like a 4 - legged MONKEY... That guitar figure's so on the back that my neck hurts - love it!”

“The Funky Knuckles were playing when I got to the Earl and they were the perfect opener for Snarky Puppy, a massive group of talented musicians lead by an insane bassist and composer of all of their funky jazz music.”

“Dont know if youve heard of these guys, but their album SMASHES! Funky, groovy, kind of a Snarky Puppy vibe. The whole project is great, and the bass player lays it DOWN.”

“Steven Smith sent in this video of The Funky Knuckles playing their tune “Barbosa” while opening for Snarky Puppy at Matt Garrison’s Shapeshifter Lab in New York City. Starting with a bass solo from Wes Stephenson, the group launches into an awesome funk-fusion jam that’ll leave you bobbing your head. Stephenson sets up a bouncy groove while keeping it tight with drummer Cedric Moore. If this doesn’t get you moving, check your pulse.”