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“Danny Hargis Woodrow, this is the best I've seen of your work so far. It oozes the blueses. Blind Melon Chittlin's would be very proud. I would crawl across busted glass to accompany you on such a blue journey through a humid muggy Carolina Sunday Summer afternoon. I smell the magnolias. I can taste the sweet Summer rain. I feel your blues.”

Danny Hargis - Danny Hargis FB

“With every new song I hear, I realize more and more that I am listening to a timeless legend at work, on par with Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams or Stephen Foster. Your range a whirlpool.”

Pokemagnet: - Reverbnation

“ Geezer yer shit roks. seriously. you are the kinda stuff i would kill to jam with, and which legends are made. keep rock'n my friend.”

wayne cheddie - Reverbnation

“Awesome Music you have here Funky Geezer. This is truly the roots of Blues at its best. I wish you much success,”

Gerry Pearson - Reverbnation

“This Old Geezer is Awesome. One of a Kind.”

Eric Guthrie - The Evening Muse