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“Listen to the haunting beauty of Give In To The Dark below, which with its wistful melody and soaring vocal harmonies, we’re certain will appeal to any fans of Fleetwood Mac, The Smoke Fairies or First Aid Kit.”

“The Frisbys’s ‘Give In To The Dark’ tenderly induces a loving and welcome atmosphere of togetherness right from the start. The beautiful harmonies crafted by the fronting twin sisters, Helen and Nicola Frisby are soothing with an almost magical effect, but there is no denying the deeper meaning hidden within the lyrics and mellow vibes. The purity and deep emotion expressed in the haunting vocals replicate a softness that wouldn’t be out of place in a chamber choir, not dissimilar from the sounds created by the all-female classical quartet All Angels. Their style holds faint aspects of a more traditional country tone that allows the London-based alternative folk ensemble to bear likeness to Fleetwood Mac and Of Monsters and Men, appealing to a very large potential fan base. After the successful release of ‘Philosolove’ in 2013, the launch of their next E.P ‘The Cause’ (due late January 2016) is sure to exceed the expectations of eagerly-awaiting fans and new audience”

“The Cause is comprised of six warm tracks as sweet as honey. The opening cut, “Give Into the Dark” is the perfect example of how warm and sweet their music is. It’s a gentle lullaby mixed with melancholic strings and the girls’ incredible harmonies. Absolutely lovely. The following track, “Born And Raised” packs a bit more of a punch “The Waves” is a lovely piano ballad, showcasing The Frisbys’ diversity in songwriting and the closing title track wraps the EP up perfectly. “The Cause” summarizes the band’s ability to create something bigger, more different and truly unique with every track. It begins like a whisper but gains power, momentum and force finding itself among thumping drums and driving piano rhythms. Altogether, The Cause is a gorgeous set of individual pieces that are thoughtfully tied together with gorgeous harmonies, stunning instrumentals and the girls’ obvious passion for music. You can enjoy the EP in its entirety January 29th when it comes”

“... on The Frisbys’ second EP, “The Cause” they have used their harmonic talents in conjunction with some strong writing to produce a great six song collection. With tracks that deal with a wide array of issues, both of the lighter and darker sides of life, it’s an epic EP. Lead track “Born and Raised” is a prominent moment. Released as part of the double a-side single along with “Give Into The Dark,” the twins’ songwriting shines with some fantastic use of melody and great hooks, kicking off the EP in style. My favourite track, “Lines” is quite obviously a love song and feels very sincere, however the aspect that really helps it stand out is the outro section where an entirely unexpected electric guitar appears and really ups the intensity of the tune. Coming at the midway on the EP, it really helps create a high point. If you enjoy folk, then “The Cause” will be right up your street—with prospects for a long career all but certain....”

“The Frisbys’ music is very folky and their enjoyable half hour set contained a rather lovely downbeat version of Blue Oyster Cult’s ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’. The (...) real impact came when they combined to create stunning harmonies that were so sublime they even managed to quieten those chatting at the bar into actually paying attention to the music; a great achievement! Highlight of the set for me was the brooding ‘Give In To The Dark’(...)”

“'Their debut EP 'Philosolove' brings together the gorgeous folksy sensitivity of Fotheringay, the quirkiness of Fiona Apple and the storytelling of the 70s singer-songwriters.(...) once you've heard them in action, we're sure you'll want to bathe in their beautiful sound.'”

“The Frisbys are an absolutely exquisite folk defined sound hailing out of London, England! Their eloquent song arrangements are centered by fantastic and melodic glowing vocals/harmonies that are expertly surrounded by superb musicianship performance elements of folk, alternative rock and proper pop flows. They are ‘without a doubt’ an ‘up & coming’ unsigned band that really I foresee having really rocking roads ahead! - Forkster”

“'English folk with melodic pop, adorned with superb guitar picking, haunting flute, and the most delicious harmonies like only twins can sing (...) it should come as no surprise when they start to headline important gigs and sell out some of the larger and more established music venues around the UK and beyond.' David Durant (Brooklands Radio)”

“#55 THE FRISBYS – PHILOSOLOVE 27 April 2013 By Ali Mason Please do not confuse the Frisbys with one or more fris-bees. Far from being named after something you might toss away, they take their name from the harmonising twins at their core, Helen and Nicola Frisby. Together with Sam Keer and Marc Robinson, they have been treating an array of London venues to their beautiful sound – steeped in English folk traditions without a hint of insipidity – for the past couple of years and, following the release of the debut EP Philosolove a couple of weeks ago, they are now ready to spread their wings a little further.”

“With comparisons to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac and First Aid Kit, and with venues like The Natural History Museum already ticked off their list, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to what The Frisbys had to offer. And just as their CV promised, I was blown away. The title-track of their new EP Philosolove began with beautiful vocals, which evolved into some truly stirring harmonies between the twin Frisby sisters Nicola and Helen, which reached unexpected heights once Marc Robinson and Sam Keer brought them into full swing. There’s a fresh, honest feel to this band that make them instantly likeable, and, as well as their undeniable talent, their wonderful chemistry is sure to make their debut EP a success, and allow them to keep creating this moving, uplifting, and sometimes movingly haunting, music.”

“The Frisbys - Philosolove The Frisbys are a four-piece band led by twin sisters Nicola and Helen Frisby with Marc Robinson and Sam Keer on guitar. This song is taken from their self-produced and self-released forthcoming debut four-track EP Philosolove which will be released on 25th March. The song title is a neologism or singlet which is a made up word from the sentence “Feel Loss of Love”. This is a magnificent song with exquisite harmonies from the twins, masterful guitar work and haunting flute. The Frisbys met at university and have been together as a band since 2011 with a string of gigs around London and the south east of England, and this has steadily gained them new fans.”