The Friendly Beers! / Press

“With album sales falling 4.4 percent in 2012, some young artists are discovering the hard truth about the changing landscape of the music industry. In today's world, “making it big” won't mean striking a record deal with a major label. While some are intimidated by this notion, others such as 24-year old Alex Tulp, song-writer from the east side of Saint Paul, embrace it -- “Remember why you choose this lifestyle, own it and all of the pain it comes with. You have an opportunity to share your soul, your heart, your passion, and your aspirations with the entire world,” says Tulp. Tulp, a starving musician in the most literal sense, has been writing music since his early teenager years. He devotes much of his time to writing and practicing with his band, The Friendly Beers. Their unique sound mixes rock and pop with soul and funk influences. Songs touch on topics such as stereotypes and religion, an adventurous canoe trip down the Mississippi River and the grinds of daily of li”