The Foreign Resort / Press

“Continuing with their signature guitar shoegazing infused electro riffs, this really stretches the boundaries of new wave music. With its explosive, dark multi-faceted, edgy and atmospheric songs, “Scattered and Buried” excels at intense, mutating songs, whose darkness manifests through the fuzzy riffs and weighty bass.”

“Everything works completely flawless for The Foreign Resort who, despite the cool and melancholy based in British late-80s rock, carries you to warmer climes. A tropical storm is underway at the resort, but the foundation is rock solid so you can enjoy the show without anything collapsing.”

“...it's Swervedriving shoegazed Britpop with a nice Goth edge. This band is epic!”

The Big Takeover, Print issue

“a cold-blooded, solid and brutal crowbar of an ep that really should pan doors for The Foreign Resort. They will surely grow big and black.”

“there’s some really good, loud stuff here that nu gaze fans of M83 and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart should enjoy.”

“...standouts on our first listen include the epic guitar rock track Delayed and the pulsating Electro track Tide.”

“'Tide', with a more calm and languid cadence, recalls the excellent 'Hearts Breaks Down' EP earlier. The sound is more clear, the bass is emphasized, the guitar is epic and the voice makes us look to the stars.”

“..this CD is a good reason to finally throw the Editors records in the trash.”

“All five tracks are vibrant and each with their own feel but one thing they all have in common is that they grab you by the proverbials right from the opening bars of 'Colleen' and don't let go all the way to the end of 'Torch It'. 'Orange Glow' deserves a special mention for its dark hard hitting atmospheric edginess.”

“An EP can hardly get more whole than this. It has taken The Foreign Resort very long to get such a refined sound. But it has been worth the wait.”

“...a startling experience...with a power that blows your mind. The production and the arrangements are gigantic in their massive and airy rock sound...singer Mikkel Borbjerg Jakobsen has adequate strength, fragility, grandiosity...in his vocal, and this makes the expression utterly strong.”

“The opening song The Starlit Sea is a dark, grandiose song, sounding as if one’s life is at stake. The Foreign Resort has with great international sound carefully measured the balance between the high waving and the fragile. ”

“ "The Cure embedded in noise with Tears For Fears-ish melodies and the energy burst of Joy Division. And that is as close as it gets because The Foreign Resort sounded like themselves." "...the fantastic energy of the band driven forth by an animal of a drummer, a pumping bass and echoing, distorted and noisy feedback guitars...". "...The Foreign Resort (have) atypical song structures that time and time again went contrary to expectations and made one smile.". ”

"...effective stabbing guitars and the slowly, but intense development towards a roaring mix of noise and unique melodies." “Dark moods with details lurking in the shadows and an undeniable international touch”.