The Folka Dots / Press

" Unashamedly (indeed avowedly) backward looking folk and Americana. Well played, and charming."

Live and Unsigned

"I was the bassist for Lucinda Williams for three and one half years. Being queen of Americana I know good stuff when I hear it. I Also was bassist for Vassar Clements for 3 years. Keep up the good work. I'm in the Fort Montgomery, NY area. If you get around here I'll come and play some slide reso- guitar with you."

Richard "Hombre" Price

“With all the diverse folk sounds now available out there, fans of the genre will find it refreshing to revisit the roots of the movement with Salt Lake natives The Folka Dots’ debut album, Down Below.”

“Many folks try to walk past and are stopped in their tracks by the infectious harmonies produced by a trio of women—Gentry, Bradshaw and Bradshaw’s sister, Kiki Sieger. It’s simple and clean; it’s pure.”

"The music their making doesn't sound like its inspired from the mountains of Utah as much as the hills of Appalachia"