The Foggy Details / Press

“A relative veteran on the Columbia bands scene, the Details formed in 2010-2011 school year and still retain their original lineup of Alie Jimenez, CC 13, Noah Whitehead, SEAS 13, Lydia Ding, CC 13, Alex Tovar, SEAS 13, and Matt Lonski, CC 14. Described as a "An alt rock band influenced by Muse and Paramore," the Details also add a unique touch to their sound with Lydia's classical violin skills.”

“An alt rock band influenced by Muse and Paramore, Foggy Details also benefits from touches of classical training, jazz influence in their percussion, and a darker sound. Foggy Details is the kind of band you’d hear out of a jukebox at a bar populated by tough biker gangs, provided that the gangs were Joan Jett enthusiasts. Lead singer Alie knows her stuff, and her voice was made for rock and roll. However, Foggy Details serves up a twist with Lydia on violin, whose classical background is evident but totally works in such a haunting manner. Also check out Alex on the guitar, who owns the performance as soon as his solos kick in. Bassist Noah and drummer Matt lay the foundation for the band and really provide the motion and swing to the band’s sound. Together, they are ready to tear the house down at Lowlapalooza.”