The Floyd Effect - The Pink Floyd Tribute Show / Press

“That was Ridiculously Good". In all the times I have seen you perform the "Dark Side of the Moon" set, this was the most complete ever, performed, delivered and executed to perfection, Ridiculously Good is almost an understatement. The guitar solo on Money was absolutely outstanding and Mark smashed it out of the park. Tiffany and Fiona's vocals throughout were exceptional and they fully deserved the 3 ovations that that received during and at the end of "Great Gig in the Sky" it was truly brilliant, both Tiffany and Fiona excelled working in tandem on this iconic track. Tracks such as Another Brick in the Wall, Dogs, comfortably Numb and Run Like Hell were delivered in such a manner they were hard to fault by one tight outfit. As a supporter of TFE you all do justice to the memory of Pink Floyd and as long as you keep playing your audiences across the country will keep listening, you perform to such a high standard I am sure that you will remain as the premier Pink Floyd tribute band.”

“Great show at the weekend in Wakefield guys. It must be a real challenge to play in a tribute band as almost all of the audience will know every single note and nuance from the original versions. -there's no slipping in a bit of new stuff off the forthcoming album either! I was lucky enough to have seen Pink Floyd (minus Roger Waters) in October 1994 at one of the Earl's Court gigs and I thought that your band was quite a faithful recreation of both the original sound and sets, obviously scaled down to suit the smaller venues. Mark's playing was an absolute spot on recreation of Dave Gilmore's guitar sound; he must have spent absolutely ages analysing Gilmore's timing and style, and the rest of the band were a really tight unit wherre everyone looked to be enjoying themselves and the audience responsed well to that. It'd be great if you were intending to tour next year in our part of the world here 'oop North, with the 'More Pompei' set. Look forward to seeing you again .”