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"One of the top 10 bands you've never heard of."

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"One of Columbus' most beloved bands." "A band the hipsters, hippies, and bros can all agree on."

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"Some Love," as a song could be a precursor for a lot of things - eating a backyard, summer BBQ, for instance, or pre-toweling off after a dip in the pool. There's one thing in particular that it most certainly is a precursor to. Toward the end of it, as everything scales back, the acoustic guitar and vocals are left to their hushed comedown that sounds like a bedding is underway. The lights have been turned down and there's an available bend. The pieces of clothing that have been worn all night are being slowly pulled down the legs and over the feet or up and over some stretched arms, extended in a divers position. It's a divine moment, where two people are being pulled seductively into that waiting bed, something that they might not have even been thinking about an hour earlier.

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"They are tapped into something a lot of younger bands miss - songcraft."

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"Jon Elliott’s voice seems limitless with each song."


"With the release of "The Natural Road," the secret is out!"

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“Voted Best Local Band in Columbus in (614) Magazine Reader's Poll Published: 614 Magazine Saturday, May 1 2010 The Floorwalkers - 12.20% of 2663 votes Originally based out of Chardon, Ohio, after a stint in Cleveland, this six-piece now calls Columbus home. The group combines elements of folk, soul, and rock ready to please the tenderest ears. With an EP already out, and an LP on its way, the dulcet stylings of The Floorwalkers led by the substantial vocals of Jonathan Elliott make a great act to catch at a local venue.”