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"The gorgeous rootsy folk of the Floorbirds is enough to whisk a person to the backcountry '40s in a shiny futuristic time machine, as their sound still resonates with a modern freshness." Jen Paulson...City Pages. August 27, 2008

Jen Paulson - .City Pages

“The duo of Daniel and Alyssa consistently amaze me with the unblemished beauty of their Depression-era-sounding folk songs. The elegance of their music is such that in the tune “Moonshiner,” even death by alcoholism somehow seems absolutely gorgeous. While their set was the most laid back, the Floorbirds still managed to be one of the most engaging groups of the evening. By Jon Behm , TC Daily Planet December 23, 2008”

Jon Behm - TC Daily Planet

“The power of two. This simple sentiment echoes endlessly from the stereo and the stage where The Floorbirds play. Daniel and Alyssa, as the Minneapolis duo is effortlessly known, allow haunting harmonies and raw instrumentation to sweep over the audience, catching them in their gentle wave. The band bottles this formula in Field Recordings, its first collection of self-described “folk songs, child ballads, sea shanties, cowboy songs, blues, and originals.” In the opening track, “KC Moan,” Daniel explores the map of both pain and hope as Alyssa softly plays, urging him on. It’s a viable support system, showing its strength throughout the album’s ten tracks. Yet, the calmest storm cannot be contained. The band finds comfort in the company of others, sharing a melody, a song, a stage. Carolina Chocolate Drops, Doc Watson, and the Strugglers have made space for the duo, among others. They will grace the familiar Reunion stage, September 19-20. By Sarah Tollie, Bristol Rhythm an”

By Sarah Tollie, Bristol Rhythm and Roots 2009 - Bristol Rhythm and Roots

“The Acoustic Duo of Daniel and Alyssa harkened back to a time when old-time folksongs, beautiful voices, and finely executed instrumentation was something a lot of us heard in our living rooms and front porches. Their renderings of “Weeping Willow,” “East Virginia Blues,” and “KC Moan” brought a freshness to these traditional numbers. Alyssa’s voice like a mountain bluebird is strong when she leads a song and when she does backup. Daniel vocals are equally as good, with both producing the close harmonies that need to be spot on for this type of performance. Janie Franz January 23. GREATFUL WEB”

Janie Franz - GREATFUL WEB