The Flood / Press

“I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to leaf through a lyrics package and was struck by how skillfully they were crafted; a triple treat of strong structure, imagery, and reference. Truly, the lines completely lacked the detachment and sense of haste I've grown weary of seeing from other bands. In short, there was a certain tender care in the ebb and flow of each verse; a remarkably refreshing quality worth mentioning.”

“The Flood is akin to the maple syrup, Cabot cheddar, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream that Vermont is famous for; this lyrically ornate pop/folk band is a truly local and organic product of The Mad River Valley”

Valerie Porter - Valley Reporter

“The Whole World's Gone' reveals the band's ability to dabble in the upbeat, in pop. This song is a romantic melody of gentle guitar twanging moving on to a fuller, driving chorus. It's catchy as all hell.”

“Check out our new album "Straight and True" at CDbaby.com”